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I have been getting this tingling sensation its not painful its more like a wierd orgasm or deep tiggle that run thru my body wen im trying to sleepi just want to kno wat it is its very annoying to make it stop i gotta move or something and it taking a toll on my every day life it don't happen every day thank God but the night's it do it's just a very intense sensation and I need help


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  • Restless leg syndrome??

  • Sound like another symptom of anxiety

  • It's not a pins and needle feeling it's like I'm having a orgasm in my chest and it runs down my body it don't last long but it keeps me woke cuz it's every 5 to 10 min and I gotta move in order for it 2 stop I have had em b4 and they go away after awhile but I still haven't slept and it almost 10 n da morning

  • This symptom doesn't sound too bad;-) but could it be a random adrenaline rush like I get in the night sometimes. I would describe mine like the sensation in your stomach when a roller coaster starts downhill. It starts in my stomach and spreads quickly throughout my body and I wake up startled and nervous with my heart pounding. One night it happened 4 times! At 1st I would be wired & couldn't get back to sleep, but after months of these spells, usually several times per week, I would just say "it's just because my nervous system is sensitized," and I would roll over and go back to sleep. It was worse when my stress & anxiety was bad. Hardly ever happens anymore.

  • No it's not painful its more like a orgasmic feel but it's n my chest runs down just was wondering if I was da only person that feel it and if not wat 2 do

  • Yours might be something different, but mine was not painful either. It's a very intense and scary feeling like I wake up like Wow!!! It's not painful but it's powerful! I don't like it because I'm trying to sleep and it feels scary and annoying and makes my anxiety worse. I think it's a release of adrenaline for me, which does also happen during orgasms but this is wrong place, wrong time.

  • Maybe talk to a doctor

  • It's Impossible to sleep

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