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Am I just stressed or could I be depressed?

My Parents split up a few years ago and that's always been hard but everything seems to be getting worse. I still laugh and act happy during the day but I come home, go to my room or somewhere where I'm alone and just start crying. I'm also playing soccer and I used to love it but now thinking about it makes me feel sick and during practice it's all I can do to not cry. I go through waves of self hate but they aren't consistent and though I've thought about suicide I wouldn't ever act on it. I just hate the thought of getting up in the morning.

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Hi GT000000, Even though your parents split up was several years ago, the hurt is deep enough to cause you emotional pain which sounds like depression. You must know that it had nothing to do with you. It was an adult decision because of adult problems. Too many times, kids get to feel if only...they had done this or done that, the family would still be together.

You come home to a place that once provided you with the security and normalness of a family and now that's gone. Crying can release some of the hurt and fear you feel but try using other resources to slowly break away from going straight to your room when you get home.

Apparently soccer brings up some moments when the family would come to your games and cheer you on. What is the "self hate" about? How can you change your thoughts about yourself? If the thought of getting up in the morning is continuous, it would be time for some therapy to help you re-identify who you are, where you stand in a split family. My best to you x

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