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ugh ): help

okay so, all my STD results came back fine, my thrush has basically cleared up apart from a little bit, but i still get irritation down there along with some little pains... anywhere down there not just the penis.. sometimes tingerling aswell... which is scaring me alot and whats really freaked me out is that i found this red/purple patch at the top of my penis, not the head but at the top of the forskin kinda... its like blood under the skin i rang my doctor and he said it doesnt sound like anything, i asked about hiv even tho the resluts came back fine and he said its impossible for that to be hiv at this early stage. this is embassring but i was wondering if it was because i masturbated to hard?? it was quite sore after and i saw the veins had come up alot. i dont know im really scared i felt like i was getting abit better but now i feel like im back to square one ):

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Since you are having so many issues try making an appointment with a urologist. They sprcialize in the reproductive organs and can help you alot more than a general doctor. If you cant find one get your doctor to give you a referal to one.

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Errivbr, all these little irritations and discolourations down there will clear up of their own accord. They are no big deal. Its wondeful that your heart beats are regiular, stop looking for something else to worry about specially since the latest tests proved fine. How much more reassurance do you want? I think its time to get a job, errivbr, something to distract you from this obsession with yourself. You're young, you're fit and you're healthy, time to shift your focus onto better things. Loads of new jobs going these days. Time to get your share of the good things and you won't do that worrying about your tingerlingling.


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