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My health anxiety

My Health anxiety started for me about 7 years ago. Before the event that stated this for me I just always had a sort of knowing about my health and overall well being. I went and had an unnecessary mammogram at the advice of a new doctor. Surprise it was the worst thing I ever did. When I got a call back about something looking suspicious it floored me. I felt fine, I felt healthy! What just happened? I had a needle biopsy done after another 3 unnecessary mammograms that have left me with permanent pain in my right breast. It turned out to be nothing at all. But ever since that time I no longer have my knowing about my health and well being. It was stolen from me. I know longer trust any doctors at all and fear they all will force me into unnecessary testing to try and find something wrong with me. Doctors are for emergencies only. I will never trust another with my body under any other circumstances. Every time I feel a bump, lump or pain in my body it is a cancer that will undoubtedly end up killing me. I am so angry about what happened and I get mad at myself every time I fall for it again and again. I wish so badly for that moment back again to make the choice I knew was right for me but was pushed around by someone I believed was smarter then me.Maybe someday I will regain my knowing. For now I just try not to obsess on every little ache and pain.

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I'm sorry u went through that . Hope you can find some peace about what happened . Ive developed mild health anxiety after a bad reaction to a mix of drugs and had my first panic attack . It really sucks . Especially when u can remember what life was life before it started

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Thank you. It is so hard on your family too. And if you google any symptom then it's even worse. I am actually considering hypnosis to help. Fingers crossed!


Yeah I don't google symptoms anymore . It's just unnecessary anxiety . I'm hearing impaired so I can't understand much of anything with my eyes closed, I need to read lips . So I doubt hypnosis would work on me .


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