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my health anxiety is back

I haven't been on here for about a year now as I did get better from the horrid symptoms I had, it was wonderful to feel back in the real world. Now they are back and have come back with a vengeance with added symptoms. I have horrid head pressure mainly at the back of head going into neck feel so spaced out not in the real world at all not really aware of what is going on as I am so preoccupied with what could be wrong I constantly thinking that I have something seriously wrong with me. I saw a neurologist last august and had a ct scan all of which came back clear but I still keep thinking they might have missed something. I have been taking citalopram 10mg since last July and they did help. my appetite is not good I just wish I knew why I am back to how I was last year.

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Sorry to hear this & I don't have the answer why it has come back

A year free though is fantastic

You have had the all clear as well

Keep talking on here as you already no helps





Sorry to hear it too.

I suffer from bad health anxiety as well and once went five years without any 'problems', but then back it came worse than ever.

I don't really know what triggered it back then (2002) but then it went again until 2008 and it's been a bu*ger ever since.

I have good days/weeks and bad days/weeks - I just hope it goes away again for a few years.


Poor you ........I have that awfull back of the head pressure and spaced out feeling.......I've had it for 45years on and off throughout my life .........when it comes I just try and treat it as a big wave and relax and let it flow over me.................main thing is don't fight it....try and carry on and it will pass. Try deep breathing. Brisk walking .....anything to distract .........if you want to chat more reply to me .....lightheaded Lilly ! Ha x


Sorry to hear this as I suffer with this also plus have major phobia of meds an doctors I went quite a while without it but its backkk!!!! Usually due to stress I pray you feel better soon.


its not nice is it!

I been a sufferer for 20yrs, just try not to focus to much on how your feeling.Try to keep busy go for walks or if your up for exercise join a club. Ive just signed up for a running club that is run by a psychologist and a top athlete. So i get to talk and get a good workout!! Try calms from the chemist they seem to work for me they take the edge off so you can concentrate on life.Also write things down,like how you are feeling etc....Good luck xx


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