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First time on zoloft

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It's my first time trying zoloft and I'm scared but I'm sure in the long end I'll be okay alive and well!! Has anyone had experience with Zoloft?? My doctor wants me to try it cuz I've been freaking out!! I'm not sure what to do cuz I've been on celexa before which is a lower dose of Zoloft and a bit different!! Is it good to take during the day or before bed?? I'm unsure what to do!!?? My doctor says during the day it well make me feel sleepy and at night before bed it well help me sleep!!?? Help please

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Here's a link to my post about what I've been dealing with. Maybe it will help you.

Okay that helped a bit but when is the best time to take it??

I dunno what works for you. I know for me, it gives me insomnia even 12hrs after taking it. As far as the Ativan, I was told not to take it with zoloft and to consider vistaril. But as I am not a doctor, it is best to talk to them, and if you need to, seek a second opinion.

My doctor told me if I'm having a hard time sleeping to have a half of a Ativan!! But I don't like to mix meds !! I don't think it is a good idea!!

Ya ur right and I did and he said just use the Ativan as needed

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