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Gabapentin and Zoloft?

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I have been taking zoloft 25mg (generic) for 13 days which is for my anxiety. Its helping a little but not completely so I will continue with it for now. Now, just yesterday my hands and feet nerve pain came back after 4 months absence so I was not taking any medication for it. My Doc did give me 100mg of Gabapentin for when the nerve pain comes back so I'm ready for it ( I was taking 300mg before which I still have 2 month supply). Now, Gabapentin is also used for anxiety and depression, just like zoloft. Anyone else taking these 2 medications right now? I plan to take zoloft in the morning and Gabapentin 100mg (to start with) at night.

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Hi papote,

I have just been put on Zoloft, it's only a couple of days, so I don't know how it will go. The doc says it will take a week to two weeks to have some effect.

So I guess I will let you's hoping.

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Thanks, I have been taking zoloft for 14 days now. So far is not helping much if any and is giving me insomnia real bad. But will wait another week- Have not started with the Gabapentin because the nerve pain got better yesterday. ;-)

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frekks2021 in reply to papote53

Hi, apparently you have to wean off it, too, if you're gonna drop it. My muscles, arms and legs are feeling tired, which wasn't happening before starting Zoloft. Dunno if it's coincidence or not. Anxiety can cause this.

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RyanSp in reply to frekks2021

I'm currently taking gabapentin. It was originally prescribed for my anxiety and trouble sleeping. It does help me some with sleep. The biggest benefit for me is that it reduces pain in my hips when sleeping.

My insurance won't cover them, so I've got them online. I've found gabapentin and zoloft here:

Coupon code "SALE10" to get 10% off. Good luck.

hi! i have been on zoloft for the past 4.5 years and just recently bumped up my dosage. fyi zoloft is literal god. its amazing and has reeeeeally helped me with anxiety issues:) good luck, xoxo

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