Zoloft side effects

I am on 25mg Zoloft once per day and have been for about 1 1/2 weeks. I feel like a "pushed down" sensation in my head as well as being immensely tired. It took a lot more effort than usual to get out of bed and the thing I find weird is I can't even sleep even though it makes me feel in a slow motion fog. What did you experience while on Zoloft? did it get better? thanks for reading :)

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  • I'm on my 2 day. Couldn't sleep last night. I read it causes insomnia in 28% of people. 

  • I took Zoloft years ago. It made me feel kinda drugged up, tired, and out of whack. No bad side-effects or anything.

  • Thanks for responding! Yes I have that drugged up feeling from it. Did you get to the point where you felt better on it? I am not sure if I can continue to push through these side effects. 

  • You're welcome! I discontinued using Zoloft because I never felt any differently aside from druggy 🙅 

    I actually became better after I stopped using it. I actually pysched myself back into normal mode for about five minutes. I told myself " I don't care anymore " and I literally felt anxiety and the other symptoms leave my body. It felt like someone pulled me out of a plastic bag and like I had been dreaming for years lol! Then, as I started thinking negatively, it came back after about five minutes. Felt like a negative gust of wind rushed back into my body. The experience that I had where I felt it leave my body, boosted my mood and hopes by 50% 😁

    Until my recent(past 5 months) dealings with some family illnesses, I was about 85% recovered from anxiety without any meds and hadn't had an episode of dp or dr. Now, I'm anxious, but I know what it is and it doesn't scare me as much. 

  • I have been having moments of "clarity" too where I feel "ok I have this i'll be fine" then a little while later be back in the same d/p boat. I am still shocked that something like this could exist and that it "doesn't mean anything is wrong with you".

  • That's exactly how I view it all. So many people go through these experiences, but the doc says nothing is actually wroing with us 😯 

    I will say that it is very comforting knowing that you aren't alone.

    Hopefully, and prayerfully we will snap out of it sooner than later ☺

  • amen to that!

  • Hi hlacovara,  out of all the drugs my doctor tried I remember my not liking Zoloft

    but it was so long ago that I don't know the reason why.  But remember everyone

    is different.  Good Luck

  • Hi! I wondered how you were doing and if you stayed on Zoloft. I have pelvic pain and it gets scary. I am a lightweight and get bad head aches was hoping Zoloft would help me to sleep at night and help with pain and fear. Did your initial side effects go away? I take gabapentin lower dose and valium very low thru the day to help with pain but nothing is helping with this higher pain now betwn trestments and I was hoping it would calm me and help get off the valium. What was your experience?

  • Hi no it never got better I'm on paxil now. Much better. The Zoloft side effects are terrible they never went away

  • Thks for letting me know. Did paxil give.you a heavy head, nausea or problems sleeping? Also im in pain, by any chance does the paxil help with any physical pain?

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