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What to to

I think I've been suffering with anxiety for 6 years, im 21 if that makes a difference.

I think the first anxiety experience I remember is being in college (16-17) and messaging a friend as I thought everyone hated me and panicking about myself etc.. since then it's got worse, I'm super forgetful, I get physically sick when I feel anxious, my sleep isn't great, I think I'm actually going crazy sometimes.

I've recently got a job and it's helping somewhat, giving me a daily routine. I was at my worse in uni, sleeping 7am-7pm, rarely eating etc. I'm only talking about this now because tho it is better, it's more frequent I'm anxious. (Probably because I'm not asleep al day)

I was wondering what to do and if anyone can give me advise as I give you my unneeded life story. I've been to the doctors before a few year ago on two different occasions about this, the first time was just a phone call and he laughed at me then prescribed me pills straight away. I didn't take them because he barely asked about it. The second time she just shrugged and said there's nothing they can do. This was my doctors at uni, I don't really wanna be laughed at again so I'm scared to go back to the doctors.

I guess I kinda need a rant about how I'm feeling also seeing as other people I've told just shrug it off

Idk if this is enough information or too much/little

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See if you can refer yourself to therapy as they can help but if does get any worse then another trip to doctors and if they don't listen then see if you can register to a different one, keep fighting it will get better x


Im sorry to hear your doctor didnt even bother to listen to you i would say your best bet is to ask for a second opinion as you are young and need to get help sooner as you need proper help now and not waiting till it gets worse were it affects your daily life keeping your self is a good idea as i find the longer your idle the worst things get ! Have you got a supportive friends and family you can talk to about how your feeling ? I truely hope you get to a good doctor good luck with uni all the best david

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