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Anxiety for years

I've had anxiety since I was a kid didn't know what it was too scared to go to sleep thought I was going to die when I fell asleep I would stay up for days then as I got older I would only have a tax now and again but here recently now that I'm in my forties the anxiety of dying when I go to bed to sleep is back I lay my head down and I'm afraid if I fall asleep I'll die I don't know how to fix it I don't know why it's back have only been getting any sleep I have no insurance to go see a doctor or therapists and I'm afraid I might go crazy from a lack of sleep I talk to my wife about these things my son and other's they simply say this will pass eventually you'll be so tired you'll fall asleep and you won't worry about it well I do get really tired I do fall asleep but then after an hour and a half or less I'm back up and then I'm afraid I've gotten no sleep and I'm going to die even more because I'm even more tired

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Sorry Your Going Through This, Think Positive When Your Thinking The Negative Thoughts, Or Ask Yourself Why Your Thinking This. I Recently Went Through This And Had To Realize Not Sleeping Makes Everything Worse. It Would Benefit You Alot To Do Counseling Some Do Payment Plans & And If It Helps Ask Your Wife To Keep An Eye On You When You Sleep. GOODLUCK You'll Soon Get Better.


i will look into the counseling with payment plans thank you i didn't there was such an option


Yes, some go off your income, there was one that would charge 25$ a session that's here were I stay though.


Hi love I'm terrified of dyeing. I sometimes wake up gasping for breath, so scary I'm sometimes afraid to go to sleep. But not sleeping will only make things worse with anxiety, I've been dyeing everyday for Tha past 35 years, and im still here lol. Try to relax at bed time read a book and let your body drift off. Anxiety does alot of things thats scary, just remember you've felt like this last year last week, or last night and your still here. Your not going mad, if you think your going mad you never will, and I've never heard of anyone dyeing from anxiety. If you try not to worry about it you'll sleep better and feel much better too. Sweet dreams love anytime you need to talk I'm on everyday take care xxx mandy😉

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How u have been dealing with this that long u r one hell of a strong person i have been trying to relax before bed more but as soon as i put my head to the pillow here come the thoughts and with those the anxiety also now if i ride in a car to long i start to have the beginnings of an attack im able to distract my self there but in bed my brain dont stop and i may pass out for awhile but then i wake up for some reason and bang im up no going back to sleep im pacing the floor back and forth ringing my hands trying to calm my self down goinh out side at all hours to just breath then if its really bad i just feel like im going to burst out of my self there is nothing that can help me i have had those night's those are the worst but im trying everything i cant to fix this in me i need to i have to but knowing there is someone who gets it out there and not just one but many helps me and makes it some what better i dont know why or how but it does and i thank u and every one keep talking and helping


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