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Cookie's Divine Comedy

As i was walking round my home, feeling i was all alone

i came upon a special place, to lift me from my fall from grace.

i wandered in with open mind, not knowing i was going to find

a special person, whys her name, she told me "you should feel no shame"

"as others here have hard times too, we'll do our best to comfort you"

how right she was i wont look back, i started to get back on track

but angels fall as angels do, we've all been there it's nothing new.

PRIDE- it came before my fall

GREED- I think effects us all

SLOTH- I'm always in my bed

ENVY- for the life I led

GLUTTONY- no more, i'm thin

WRATH- the rage I turn within

LUST- what's that? I don't recall, a memory from before my fall

These seven sins, I know them well, They are my life, my living hell

but I know I will see the light, rise up and live a "normal" life

so thank you all you are the best, I'm going now to have a rest

Good luck to all, I wish you well, on journeys through your personal hell

xxxxx Cookie xxxx

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Mate lol

When ever I see that Cookie appear , I do start to shake with fear , wondering what her post may say , as she has never given me a dull day lol

Now then thats the poem bit over ha !

Seriously though that has made me well up a bit

It was really heart felt , & you didnt disappoint , as when we got to lust , I cracked out laughing (laughing face )

I would do a massive blobbing tongue face ,but bet it wont let me :P

Sending hugs though

{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs }}}}}}}}}}}}}}


yeah, Lust, what is it but a distant memory, im lucky she puts up with it lol.

thanks for the hugs mate, sending them back, damm you for making me like hugs lol





my post was witty and wonderful but it disolved into the universe


I don't know how to edit or delete my responses so since I lost a whole wonderful poem I just have to have the satisfaction of posting one more time. I know I am silly but I find so enjoyable :O} Okay I will read the advice on posting


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