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Something different wrong everyday

Hello, I have an overwhelming feeling that I'm going to die and anything that's wrong with me is extreme. I have chest pain shortness of breath and dizziness daily. I also have heartburn which I take meds for and have had every heart test short of a surgical procedure. Everything comes back OK but I still feel I'm going to have a heart attack at anytime. I'm on Zoloft,xanax,and seraquel on top of Nexium. I was recently told my cholesterol was 225 so that was the last thing I needed to hear. One other thing is that my father died of heart attack one night at 46 and I no alot stems from that but it doesn't stop I can't live a normal life I'm currently in college and have a 8 year old daughter so I try to stay busy but I can't sit in class cuz of panic attacks and nights are the worst. I'm only 33 and have been suffering with this for years now as I get older it's gotten worse . Does anyone else have this and how to deal with it or make my mind stop thinking this way.

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This sounds like classic health anxiety. So you mustn't google your symptoms or spend time ruminating what they might be. Trust in God and know that all tests have been normal.


Since you're still having panic attacks you aren't having your problems managed very well yet. Are you in counseling? A good counselor will help you to manage better and not be so fearful that you'll have a heart attack like your father. You need to let go of that fear. You are not your father. You are on medication to avoid having the heart attack your father had. I hope you take your meds as prescribed and have a psychiatrist take another look at your meds to see that they are just what you need at this time.

You are the best person to put your mind at ease and to stop worrying about having a heart attack like your father did. Worrying will only hurt you and won't ever help you in any way. So why indulge yourself? Focus on other things and not on the worrying. You'll be healthier for it. Enjoy your life!!


I was in counseling for two years but it was only once every two weeks and didn't seem to help. I definitely need to go again more often . Thank you for ur response and advice I agree I need to let go of all this fear. As I get older I constantly think bout dying and I have stopped living so I will definitely look into counseling again ty .


I am very similar to you in that I obsess over very irrational thoughts - you have had all the checks for your heart and somehow still worry that you have a problem - it's like I'm talking to the mirror!

I'm not sure I can be of much help but for me the fear is less about the heart attack but more about the 'dying' 'what if I have a heart attack and it kills me' Now when you look at it like this and couple this with the fact you have undergone vigourous testing with the outcome that your heart is healthy you have to give way to the fact that you are more likely to die out of the blue from getting hit by a car than you are from something heart related 🙂

I saw something on the news not too long ago that said there is recent evidence that worrying about your health actually makes you very unhealthy! Go figure! What I am trying to say is that when we suffer from our anxieties our mind has so much power over our bodies hormones and chemicals and can cause us all sorts of physical pain making us create problems that don't exist that then manifest themselves - if we think about suffering a heart attack and obsess over such a thing we are constantly telling our brain 'heart attack' - and whilst this could cause your body to mimic signs of a heart attack I read that this could also trigger your body to experience a real heart attack!

Focus on the good things you have in life and the boxes you have ticked - you will find that you are more at ease with the thought of dying knowing that you are contented with your life - trust me it will make you obsess less about your heart and the thought of an attack.


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Thank u for ur response I completely agree with the self fulfilling prophecy. What u believe will come true or make u worse it happens all the time the more I think bout stuff the more I feel wrong . I have got to stop reading google as well. I litterly have everything on there. Lol. But I do appreciate the response because it's nice knowing u r not alone as horrible as it is.


Unfortunately I have a lot to learn in this area too but we will get there - websites like this are more helpful where we can all relate to one another instead of reading about all of the scary things we could be diagnosed with 🙂 x


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