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Anxiety is knocking on my door

I'm starting to feel anxious, or maybe it my hormones? I'm not sure, then again I'm 35 weeks pregnant. Sleeping has gotten super uncomfortable. I feel like I can't breathe cause I feel so claustrophobic with the baby inside me. It's been more than a month that I've managed to control my anxiety and not have any severe panic attacks, but tonight is rough. I'm exhausted which is causing me to feel derealization. And the feeling of not being able to breathe is usually a trigger for my panick attacks. I lay down and right as I try to sleep my body jolts in a panick. The reason I'm not exploding into a full blown panick attack is because I know this terrible moment and feeling will soon pass. It's just scary and very uncomfortable at the moment, but I'll get through this. I just hope the baby changes position so I can breathe a lot easier 😩 For now, typing out how I feel is soothing a little bit.

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Hello it

Is your hormones . I've always been anxious and it's been worse lately I am 36


No sleep definitely does not help as you get some weird symptoms from no sleep..

I feel like that's what made mine worse after having my 3 rd baby and sleeping horrible I would get horrible symptoms!

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