My next door neighbour died

So I just got a knock at my door to inform me that my next door neighbour has been dead for 3 days in the next apartment, there is merely a cardboard like wall that seperates us, he was a young guy around my age, we live in a nice area, it's not one for drugs etc, this has sent my health anxiety through the frekkin roof 😭 I was trying to chill myself out and then I get that knock at the door... Jesus 👀


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11 Replies

  • Hello

    What sad news :-(

    My next door neighbor was dying from cancer for several years and I watched them deteriorating was awful and yes it started playing on my Health Anxiety which I do control normally but then I told myself this was normal for it to do so but what had happened next door was not me and no need to think it would be

    Sometimes these very sad things happen , very rare in someone young there must have been something which you may find out later that caused this which is not the norm so try & cast these negative thoughts out as it is your anxiety and it will have a right old party playing tricks on you but let it know you are not going to let it !

    Try and distract yourself , maybe a film , or anything you enjoy :-)

    Take Care x

  • Cancer is so scary for me and I'm just convinced I have it..

    I have no idea how this man died but he looked healthy so I can only assume it was sudden which frightens me 👀

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who has gone through this, thank you so much for your reply!


  • I think a lot of people with Health Anxiety fear the word as well as so many other illnesses part of what we suffer from

    I hope you are getting some support , maybe Counselling , when I was young like you many moons ago there was no support unlike now and if only there had been I could have not wasted so many years so please make sure you ask and get all the support you can with this because it will work given time :-) x

  • I don't have any counselling or support really, all of my family and friends live in Ireland and I live in the U.K. So it's very hard! I've recently started on some meds and I'm hoping I'll get back to some what normal soon :) thank you for the reply :)

  • Hello again

    See how you go with the meds but if you feel you need more then please go back and talk to the Doctor about Counselling they should refer you but sometimes you have to ask , it could really help :-) x

  • I think once this bloody ultrasound on my stomach is over , if the outcome is good then it will relieve my anxiety alot, if it doesnt relieve my anxiety which im pretty certain it will , then I think ill ave a chat with the doctor, *fingers crossed* its not bad news :) x

  • Did it relieve it?

    You are Irish Harley?

  • Not really lol I got a smear the day after so now I'm worried about that! Yeah I'm Irish lol how did you know?

  • Its one thing after another isn't it.

    You mention that all of your family and friends are in Ireland so I just wondered. I'm from Northern Ireland.

  • I'm so worried it's crazy :( I'm convinced I have cervical cancer :/ I'm praying constantly that I don't :( yeah I'm from dublin :)

  • We always think the worst. I'm the same, the slightest thing and I think of the worst scenario.

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