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someone help

im really freaked out so as u know ive been really ill with the flu i think, sore thorat, headache feeling all the time, weak muscles, shivers, but anyway i just woke up with the worst sore thorat and headache and i coughed up alot of flem and it was really chunky and yellow but it had blood in it?!? im really scared now ): but i only seem to cough it up if i sniff my nose back up if its runny...

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This is flu, it's all the symptoms of flu, and it will pass in a few days so long as you look after yourself, don't go out, stay warm, get plenty if sleep and take paracetemol. The blood is a small blood vessel in your throat that has ruptured because of coughing. If it doesn't clear up in a few days phone your doctor. This isn't nice but it's nothing to worry about and will resolve itself in time.


theres blood in it every time i cough some up though): but i only cough it up when i have a runny nose and sniff it back up instead of blowing it.


Don't worry about the blood, it's because the coughing has caused a blood vessel to rupture, it will heal. If still there in a couple of days time (unlikely) ring your doctor, but it's not something serious. Your worry is because of your high anxiety, if only you could recover from the anxiety disorder you would have none of these worries. Don't forget my offer of that specialbook that Agora1 and me and many others swear by. It will help you overcome your anxiety and worries, PM me when you're ready.


Thank you Jeff1943 :)


Any chance you had the flu shot? Or did you skip out on that?

For the sorr throat hot water lemon and honey for 3 times a day for 3 :days and your set

For the pleghm add pepper in the tea and your set Itll make it so theres no drip back down the throat

Other than that dont worry about a little blood

I had my tonsils removed and after a week i nearly died i was bleeding out of my throat an artery tore -_-

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Sounds like the Rhino virus. Drink plenty of fluids, musinex or something like that to dry you up and Tylenol if you have a fever. Cough drops for your throat and you will be fine in 7-10 days. It's a nasty virus but can't do anything but wait it out. If it effects your breathing please go to an emergency room as lack of oxygen makes your system work overtime. Get well soon!

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You could also have sinus infection or Strep throat which would cause you to have blood in your mucus


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