Terrified of an aneurysm!!!

I'm back :(

I'm terrified I have a brain aneurysm!! I have pains on my left eyeball, just below the eyebrow and also feels directly on top of my eyeball, when I stand up I go dizzy sometimes. I get weird feelings in my face like I'm gonna have a stroke but I'm not. I get twitches, I have headaches everyday on and off throughout the day, they're usually at the front of my head and sharp pains at the top of my neck!! Help me :(((


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  • Have you seen a doctor about it?

  • No I went there a few months back about chest pain and they said it was anxiety

  • Go again and gets thus checked if only to put your mind at ease.

  • I haven't most of those type of symptoms but it was stress and anxiety taking a toll on my body if u really over thinking and want peace go to er or do appointment

  • What is your diet consisting of? How old are you? How much sleep are you getting daily? Are you drinking atleast 8 cups of water a day? Any information I may have left out please provide

  • I just eat basic foods, I don't really eat salads and stuff so I'm not overly healthy. I get quite a lot of sleep! And I don't really drink that much water

  • I had tons of head pains i started drinking water daily and suprisingly most of the oins went away so that could be your forst problem eating "basic" foods doesnt help me its very vague

  • I want you to drink bottles daily for a good week straight dont forget dont doibt this and eat not so basic food get greens and meat or veggie meat which ever you prefer

  • Okay I will try that thank


  • drink water and gatoraide and eat better than basic foods what ever that means haha but do it for a good week see how your head pains go

  • If it was somethiny very serious i believe something would have happened already.. i once had a head ache for a week then one day poof it left..

  • And see howbyo Feel

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