Terrified and Nervous

I recently tested positive for chlamydia and was treated for it. I go back to the doctor next week to see if it has cleared up. Aside from that, my partner was tested for chlamydia as well and his test came back negative. I am so confused and upset over this it doesn't make any sense. How is it possible for one to get chlamydia when the person you had sex with doesn't have it. It is not possible for me to have had it before him because I was tested for all std's after I broke up with my ex.

On another note I have noticed a yellow mucus after a bowel movement when I wipe, I googled this and of course multiple cancers came up and I am terrified that I have had cancer for a long time that has went undiagnosed. I went to my regular doctor today and she has given me a referral for a GI specialist. I am so scared because of this mucus and the pains I have been having in my stomach I fear I have cancer :(


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11 Replies

  • I'M praying 4 u! Put it in God's hands!

  • Thanks for your support :(

  • I am so sorry, i hope you feel better. :/ btw common

    Also, please never research anything online about your symptoms and try not to diagnose yourself. The internet will always show the worst case scenario of your symptoms. I do this and always think that i have a brain tumor or meningitis cause of my headaches. This makes my headaches worse and i worry even more. So, just stay away from the internet or like searching up things about your symptoms. Isn't chlamydia usually attacking "that" part or stomach and your urine comes out of that? I'm not a doctor or anything but you know...so maybe that's your urine has some stuff in it? So, let's just hope for the best and not get too worried about your infection. I mean its ok to worry. And this infection is very common.

    I hope 4 the best. :)

  • Thanks for ur support :/ Chlamydia does effect the stomach but I took all of the medicine required. Maybe my anxiety is causing these stomach pains. Im upset over this infection because there is no logocal explanation for me to have it . :(

  • I know it sounds wierd, but meditation? And think of this, u will get through this. Some people go through worse and nothing happens. Im also having these wierd symptoms that are causing me extreme anxiety and i can't take it. Meditation doesn't help. So im constatly worrying and checking myself in the mirror. It's horibble. So let's just hope and pray our annoying and anxiety causing symptoms or infections will leave our bodies. Most likely it will. :)

  • I sure hope so it is so exhausting. :( I hope you feel better and I hope we both get through whatever it is we are going through

  • Yeah. That's all there is, hope.

  • Hello there,

    Stay positive. You probably dont have cancer. Maybe your partner has a stronger immune system or the test is inaccurate.

  • Thank you. I am trying to stay positive :/

  • Your welcome, hang in there dear. Its going to be ok.

  • NEVER, EVER go online and check symptoms - you'll always be dying of something or other! Now you're being treated for the STI to clear that up. I'd imagine with an antibiotic which can alter the gut microbes - hence the mucus probably. You did the right thing in going to the doctors. At least a GI Specialist will be able to diagnose it properly.


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