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Pre menopause

I have spent the last year almost, in a daily fight with deep depression and anxiety brought on by pre menopause. I am on a raft of meds including HRT. I have been put on a low dose of Premique modified release tablets but I do not feel much improvement. I am on a period at the moment and had another one about 6 weeks ago. I have thoughts of doing something to myself as I want it all to stop. I am fearful most of the time and am finding it very difficult to cope with the feelings I feel. Everyday day is an up hill struggle. Please can someone help as I feel am loosing it completely.

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There is some good news - antidepressants can be prescribed for off label use by doctors to treat ladies.

You may need to go back to your GP for a complete physical and mental check up.

Dr Google has lots of links to the subject off label use for information.

One I found useful is here - it tells you the what, how and why :)


As many as 85 percent of menstruating women report they experience at least one symptom of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), with bloating, headaches, backaches, breast tenderness and mood swings as some of the more common complaints [source: Barclift]. But about 3 to 8 percent of women have premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), a severe form of PMS marked by intense depression, anxiety or irritability, and mood swings.

In 2013 PMDD was officially added to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fifth edition (DSM-5) as a mood disorder [source: Novosolov].

Serotonin, GABA and β-endorphin are the three primary neurotransmitters indicated in PMDD, and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are considered effective treatment for the disorder. Seventy-five percent of women suffering from PMDD report a decrease in symptoms while taking a SSRI [sources: Stöppler, Pattimakiel]. SSRIs, it turns out, do more than just interact with serotonin receptors: They also change how the body converts progesterone to a hormone called allopregnanolone. Allopregnanolone is a naturally occurring neurosteroid that acts like a sedative and mood stabilizer.

Antidepressants effectively reduce mood-related symptoms for women diagnosed with PMDD, and, although not FDA approved to treat PMS, SSRIs may reduce symptoms such as mood swings and irritability in some women who experience PMS. As many as 40 percent of women who report symptoms of PMS, though, don't report relief from SSRIs, nor do SSRIs appear to relieve physical symptoms of PMS [source: Barclift].

And it's not just the symptoms of PMS that women are treating with SSRIs. Popular antidepressants such as escitalopram (Lexapro) are prescribed off-label to lessen hot flashes in menopausal women; paroxetine (Paxil) is the one antidepressant approved as a non-hormonal treatment for hot flashes, marketed as Brisdelle.


I use to bleed so heavy and had anaemia. Had a hysterectomy and never looked back. I have 3 children so it was right for me but maybe not for u but something to think about. I was so stressed and anxious and totally drained. 😴

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I am not flooded off my feet. The bleeds are moderate but they can last a while. One for four weeks then another for about nine days. They can be a break of a couple of months or this time it has been six weeks in-between. The main nightmare is the anxiety and the depression. On a roller coaster of a ride and I would just like to get off. No one can tell you how long the ride is going to be. Wouldn't wish all this on my worst enemy.


Sorry ☹️ hang in there.


Wondering is premenopausal can start at 41? I have been going down hill with symptoms in the last 3 weeks. I have always been contipated .. I had a little bit of hemoroids, freaked out, my anxiety is so bad my mind Dosent rest for one second. Now I have pelvic pressure and blood in my Urine, it's not a UTI.. I can't even breath I'm so concerned. It's ruining my relashionship as he Dosent I dersrand why I'm so down and thoughtful all the time . I am honestly drained from thinking negative 24 hours a day 😔


Hi, I would say Yes you could be pre menopausal. I have read about women who are in their 40's and some as young as early 30,s so its very possible. I know what you are going through with the anxiety. I get very fearful and my mind runs away with me. Its exhausting and I feel that my poor body cannot take anymore. You need to get yourself checked out if you have blood in your urine. You need to talk to your doctor about what is going on with you and get the help that you need. Its not easy but you have to fight through it. I do a relaxation cd by Paul Mckenna I find that helps ease some of the stress. I never liked taking tablets,always been a health conscious person and wanted to do things the natural way but with this pre menopause crap I have found no other way than to pop the pills the doctor has prescribed for me. Medication helps to a certain degree but I am not completely out of the woods. Up and down like being on a roller coaster. The low dose HRT I have been put on is just a trail to see if its suits but I feel it has not got a the correct grip on my hormones. I am back to the hospital next Friday to see the Gyno again so fingers crossed there that something better is sorted out.. You just have to keep trying and moving yourself forward the best way you know how. GOOD LUCK. Thinking about you.


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