anxiety due to menopause and event related

Hi all

as I wrote in the post, I am suffering from anxiety which is related to events. I never had any problems before but now into menopause, I feel it has increased, plus its in my family. My father had it and my sister has it and now its me. normally I am perfectly fine..doing yoga, zumba and other exercise. I have friends which I have good time with. But events, such as travelling or going somewhere, I start having that knot in my stomach which also increases my blood pressure because I am not relaxed.

the doctor put me on 10 mg propanolol which I have started this evening and after 6 hrs, i feel so sleepy that I cant even do my assignments. I am supposed to take 3 times a day but I will take only once. Now I work so should I take morning or evening...evenings I do yoga and zumba.

I dont know why I feel like that, I wish I could control it normally. I do try...for my exams, I nearly passed out but I did my exams and passed. that was 4 years ago. I hate to be dependent on meds but now it is involving my blood pressure so I have to be careful and I dont want to take BP medication for the rest of my life. I assume its just anxiety that triggers BP otherwise when I am calm, my BP is normal.

I wonder if anyone has the same problem..Shall appreciate advise

best regards


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  • Menopause gives you symptoms of anxiety due to hormonal changes. Exercise and staying active helped me alot. Keep active with friends, family and hobbies. My menopause anxiety went away in less than year . I took .5 mg Xanax for about 3 months and stopped to take over the counter meds for menopausal symptoms. OTC meds helped a lot and I had no trouble getting off xanax. Good luck. Doesn't last forever.

  • What OTC did u use?

  • I dont remember the name but it says it is for menopausal support which helps with mood and hot flashes, although I was lucky that i was not dealing with hot flashes.

  • Oh ok thx better hot flashes than anxiety

  • I've heard hot flashes are just as annoying as anxiety symptoms. It's unbelievable what hormonal changes Does to our body. Hope it helps you. Some people end up on prescribed estrogen if the OTC meds dont work. Wish you lots of luck. It is a difficult time in a woman's life

  • How right you are . I thought this is the time I would enjoy things I like like travelling and all. Believe me , hot flashes are a breeze as compared to anxiety and I can take that anytime. It never ends, does it

  • At least there is end. In sight and if the Otc meds work you can still enjoy your active life without having bad anxiety

  • Yes lol will try. I even have anxiety to try new med and now I have to deal with high blood pressure

  • You have a good sense a humor and a good attitude, you will get through this. Our attitude makes a big difference to our recovery.

  • You are right maggie, trying to laugh it off. Lol I was so happy go lucky, come menopause and everything is looked upon with suspicion. It's a terrible feeling. Sigh. Let me go zumba later and hell with the high BP . Thanks for your kind words and support. Really helped. Was always looking forward to seeing your mail. Bless you

  • Good luck and I hope I was able to make you feel a little better

  • You did!!! Thanks... will Prolly write to you again when I am in one of my anxiety moods lol

  • Thanks so much Maggie. It's more event related otherwise I m in good mood. It's travelling although I know I am not afraid of flying. Just get that knot in Mt stomach. I have analysed myself and I think I don't like to leave the comfort of my home. But when I m away, I am enjoying. This is so disturbing. Thanks a lot for the reply

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