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Hi there I'm new to this bout 10 years ago I had depression over worrying about dieing like I would sit there and when I went to bed I would just think what if the years go so fast that before I no it I will b old an die the way I got over it was to tell my self that I do still have plenty of years an iv still got my kids to grow up yet move out get married and have kids that helped but recently bout 3 months ago my nan who I was close to died now I am worrying again what can I do nothin is helping my oldest daughter is 14 younger kid is my son 6 I have 4 kids a husband and I'm diabetic type 2 on insulin rrrrrrrplz someone help me x


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  • You won't die, you have so much to live for. Go hug your kids. Hang in there and focus on the good. It's hard as I'm trying as well. So many things drag me down. I have lots of pets which love me and cuddle with me. Keeps me going. Animals do wonders for the soul.

  • Hi thanks for ur advic I don't u got ms as my uncle got ms and he did not experience that my dad has back problems and with that he has had trapped nerve with trapped nerve u get tingling in ur leg/legs hope this helps u like u helped me thanks again xxxx p.s u b fine 😊X

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