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Heart rate?

So here I am again. I've been feeling better with my anxiety and pow I am hit with a full blown panic attack. My anxiety has been up a little more the past two weeks. I have a habit of checking my heart rate on my phone and it's usually around 75, but today it's 91-110. Is this ok? Is it just my anxiety? I took half of an ativan and feel calmer. My heart rate is still around 90. My mind is still racing with worry. I feel afraid of health issues all the time. How can I make this better?

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Is your phone accurate?


Yes. I get the same results when i take my blood pressure with my digital cuff.


Hi victoria15 you have answered your own question !!!! You said your anxiety has been up a little more past few weeks.remember when we have anxiety for a few days or a panic we get a surge of adrenaline and as we all know adrenaline causes fast heart beat sweating shaking the list goes on.just keep saying to your self.my heart rate is up because I'm making to much adrenaline and eventually my body will get rid of it.I have to accept this for now but I know it will get better its my anxiety.you took half of a ativan and this made you feel more relaxed.so you know its the anxiety .think calm and think relax take some time to do a few breathing excersises and this will lower heart rate down.hope you are soon feeling better.


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