Oh dear help

Had a couple of drinks today and woke up with chronic anxiety. All over my heart as per usual as the heart beats are very strong and fast. Worried that worrying about it will give me heart attack!!! Anxiety mimicked the symptoms of heart attack really isn't funny is it. I'm sure a lot can relate??? Any ideas what to do when hungover. I've drunk shed loads of water and can't sleep because I keep drifting off then panicking again.


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  • I wrote a similiar post to another member here. Alcohol is a depressant and the doctor told me it can drop you down even lower emotionally the next day than how you were depressed etc before. So, anxiety. I have got very anxious the day after drinking. I found out my meds are not great with alcohol. I don't know if you take meds? Is it worth drinking and the bad feelings? I admit I struggle as I like a drink at the weekend. I haven't drank for three weeks actually. We ll see how that goes.

    Hydration: sports drink, rehydration sachets or yes more water.

    Good luck.

    PS do not focus on the negatives. When you're awake do something else.

    If you feel very unwell see or call a doctor.

  • I had gone 5 weeks without. But yesterday I caved. I dunno why I do it to myself. Yeah I'm on Prozac. Getting all sorts of ATM and chest pains. It's so scary

  • Gatorade will save your life and raise you from the dead. In my experience, drinking at night makes the anxiety much worse the next day. I don't know the science behind this but it really sucks doesn't it?

  • I hate it. I'm sure I'm

    Going to die within the next few hours. Heart rate feels all over the place I don't know what's going on

  • Take some deep breaths. In 4 and out 6. You're not going to die. Are you with anyone?

  • Ooh dear!!!

    Don't, whatever you do, have ANY alcohol with your antidepressants!! It will defeat the object and you will feel even worse! Honestly!



  • Just keep drinking water, tea, camomile tea, orange juice etc. Not a lot else you can do, I don't think! 😕


  • Thanks Karen. Today struggle again. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I need a full nights sleep I think

  • I hope you manage to get some sleep. Have you some gentle music to lull you to sleep??

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