Oh Dear Me Too

I've just been reading the very interesting blogs about blood pressure.Whilst I was shopping in Asda this afternoon I went and bought a blood pressure monitor.I nursed my Mum for many years when she had MS but eventually it was her heart that gave out and put an end to 21years of suffering.

Ever since she died I have had a fear of dying from a heart attack.It rules my life.I can't sleep and I have massive panic attacks on the few times I go out if I get the slightest pain in my chest.

I am waiting to see my GP but thought that I would monitor my BP in the meantime.Wish I had looked on here first as it seems I have wasted my money.

I have read the advice given to "Grog" and as many of you suggest I shall try and get a refund.Thanks to you all and good luck.


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24 Replies

  • Hi dux,

    Yes our blood pressure can go up and down for so many reasons, even just standing up can change it temporarily.

    I check at the docs will allay any worries you may have, and permanent changes take time. In my case two years.

    Wishing you well



  • Hi Oldux,

    The thought of having, surviving then waiting for another heart attack occupies way too much of my thinking time too. I've got real medical issues to worry about at the moment, well for life, but the big HA is a major fear.

    We will end up giving ourselves one worrying about it, that or a stroke lol xxx

    Bless you for caring for your mum. MS is such a physically and mentally draining disease on both sufferer and carer. As a former carer, it's nice to hear that there are family members still willing to care for their parents. I would for mine xxxx love Cookie xxxx

  • Hello Cookster

    Yes you are right the whole worry about a HA has made me a semi invalid.The slightest pain and I rush to bed which is exactly where I am now.Once in bed all I do is sit and worry and worry and worry.Then I can't sleep and spend the dark hours in a massive panic.Silly but I can't help it.As far as Mum was concerned it was a pleasure to look after her.She never complained or made unreasonable demands.And later on she became stuck in one position and could not move.Then I had a lot of nurses who came in on a regular basis to help me look after Mum So I did not do it all myself.

    So sorry to hear about your medical issues and I hope all comes right for you Best wishes

  • The people I worked with amazed me too, palliative care was so rewarding xxx

    I've had my OH call the paramedics so many times due to working myself into a state. They don't put me in the ambulance anymore lol, it's embarrassing :-)

    I wish you all the best too xxx love Cookie xxx

  • Sorry B,thanks for the advice.I have just clicked on your profile.Is that really you with the beard?

  • haha, no thats not me, I was having a joke with whywhy

  • Oh No! Where did you get that picture of me from?

    Thanks first time i've laughed for ages

  • How cute is that picture xxx

  • Its a favourite of my ex- girlfriend :-)

  • Stop making me laugh.I'm not used to it

  • haha, I'm joking of course, its not an ex- really !!

    Love you photo dux

  • I hope not coz it looks lie my mum lol :-)

  • Oh sh....t, how old are you again :-)




  • Young enough dad lol :-D xxx

    Can I borrow some money lol,

  • haha.....I was going to ask the same thing. Worth a try though :-)

  • Lol, it's her favourite picture or it's your ex girlfriend ?..

  • oldux

    Get a refund , say someone sent you for it but it wasn't what they wanted , you got the wrong thing

    I wont repeat whats already been said

    I do relate very much though with health anxiety

    I might have anxiety soon with these pics ,

    Should I do a blog on it :-D

    Please , can I ask other than cookies cos hers is great ;-)

    Any chance of nice profile pics anyone :-D


  • Dear Olddux,

    I am so sorry to read about your difficulties, and about the problems in buying a bloodpressure.machine.

    Warmest regards,


  • Hello Marcus,

    Really great to hear from you again.Please excuse my picture but Balein started it and he really made me laugh you should look his up.

    I hope you've had a good day today but if you need someone to chat to through the night I shall probably be here.

    Just lately I've been going to sleep about 11.30pm and waking up again in a panic about 2am.All the best to you and i am sure we will chat again.

    all the best


  • Dear Dux,

    Thank you. You are very kind.

    No worries about the picture.

    I am sorry to read about your recent sleep issues. I will do my best to support you.

    Thank you and all the best to you also.

    warmest regards,


  • Thank you Marcus.

    On your profile you say you have some anger issues.You don't sound like an angry person to me.You sound very caring and understanding.

    Keep up the good work and I wish you well


  • Dear Dux,

    You are very kind.

    I appreciate your positive comments.

    Thank you. I wish you well also.

    warmest regards,


  • Iv`e seen blood pressure machines on sale everywhere, I`m tempted to buy one but I think it would just make me even more neurotic about my health than I am already because I`d be taking my blood pressure every five minutes!

  • Hello hairyfairy,

    It was the biggest mistake I ever made.I kept getting different readings and nearly called 999.These machines as nearly everybody has said are best left alone. Hope things go well for you


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