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Oh dear!

I'm constantly feeling on edge and the only place I can control it is at home, I haven't left my house very much in over a year now the furthest I've been is round the corner literally!! Today it's my sons birthday party at my mother in laws and so far I've been here a hour and half which is the longest I've been out the house, I'm feeling very on edge and just want to go home it's really upset me that it's got this bad, I spoke to my mother in law and just said I need to go home for a bit as I'm feeling on edge etc and she doesn't seem impressed I feel so guilty having to leave but I can't relax feeling like this which is making me not want to make conversation and I'm very grumpy. :(

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First of all you got there and that's great. One step at a time I say and you have done a big step.

When others have never felt like you are feeling they don't seem to understand. So don't let other bother you it is there lack of understanding and so it's there problem not yours.

Are you getting any support from anyone?

Gardener x


Hi, you do what's right for you. You've done fantastically getting there and staying for a bit. Small steps and don't push yourself. Go at your own speed and try not to be pushed into anything. Take care and I hope your son has a great birthday xx


I don't really get much support and I don't take any medication as I'm constantly controlling my breathing and I don't see how medication can stop that :(. I'm awaiting CBT at the moment I've been on the waiting list since November, it's a 6-8 month waiting list


Well done you for getting out and about for a short while. Even that's a massive step. Cbt will help and it's been 6 months since they put you on the list so shouldn't be much longer. If you need support come back here everyone seems so supportive


a good way i found to get about was to get a bycycle,takes away the fear of being stuck in between place you are and home,if you feel panic coming on,you can assure yourself i will just ride home,try it :O)


Well you got there which is good. And shows how much you love your son. Your mother in law can't understand how difficult it was for you to leave the house,but we do! Be kind to yourself as you know what effort it took to be there. Thinking of you.


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