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2 months into cannabis withdrawal/detox

Hello all, I was a heavy user of good quality marijuana and oil for about 5 years. everyday user, multiple times a day. I used the weed as a way to cope with my anxiety disorder (which I now realize was the worst decision of my life) I used it socially with friends throughout the day and by myself at night to get to sleep. At the very end of June this year I got some kind of virus (flu I think) and it was terrible, I was bed-ridden for just over 3 weeks, I could not eat, had fevers, sweats, very bad nausea ect.. because i was so sick i decided to completely quit smoking weed and cigarettes and even caffeine cold turkey in an effort to heal my body faster and get over the illness i had. I thought this would be a great idea, plus i was tired of being so unhealthy, but then the detox symptoms kicked, because of my anxiety disorder and because i was sick its been very hard for me to determine whether or not i am still sick, or if what im still experiencing is withdrawal from the weed. The first few weeks where the worst by far, i was an emotional train wreck. i had no appetite at all. i lost a lot of weight very fast. i was dizzy and unbalanced, chronic headaches, insomnia, my whole body was weak and i would frequently turn pale and get clammy and sweaty in the palms of my hands and feet, especially when i attempted to go outside in this summer heat, even only for a few minutes i would get so sick i had to go back inside and lay down for the rest of the day, I had ALL of the physical symptoms: headaches, stomach problems, skin problems, muscle and joint aches, nausea, no appetite, very sensitive to sound and light, muscle twitches, shaky hands, sweating, and most of all insomnia. I understand most( if not all of these^) are severe cannabis withdrawal symptoms, but because of the illness and my still very active anxiety/depression and lack of sleep I really need some assurance from someone to ease my mind. I thought i would be good as new long before this two month mark, but i guess i was wrong. if there is anyone out there who can relate, or give some insight to why i am still feeling so miserably even after so long PLEASE, help me out. ( also changed my diet to only whole foods)

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I think I am currently going through a similar thing. But for me I just stopped eating sugar and shit food and cut out drinking and meat.

I've been feeling similar to you. The last few days I've decided to eat more food and today I ate meat again. Maybe you're cuttting out too many things at once?

I haven't heard of people having weed withdrawal for months. But I'm not an expert as I don't smoke it

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Sorry, your recreational uses of drugs are backfiring on you and you still have your anxiety.

There is so much going on with your body, I'm not a doctor or a chemist, but really believe you need considering seeking out a detox or rehab center where you can get the professional help your body is screaming for.

You may have not meant to, but you have been abusing your body for quite a long time, and some serious attention is needed.

You didn't mention acid, but it's like you have been on a strange trip without a trip sitter to stop you or guide you out of this. While your choices weren't wise, no one deserves to live like this.

Please check into a medical detox or rehab facility. That is really the only reassurance I know to offer you to climb out of this abyss. I wish you well and that you go to a place that can make that happen.


Hear you, the symptoms i mentioned i was not experiencing all at once, i had each of them at different times through these past couple of months, some subsiding while others occurring. I have been getting better, slowly, i have good days as well as bad days. if i was having all those at the same time everyday after two continuous months i would have definitely checked in with a professional. I am now able to eat and exercise and have little physical symptoms other than fatigue. i appreciate your input. but having someone tell me to check into a detox or rehab facility is not what i needed to hear. That is not even an option for me right now, rehab cost a lot of money


Hi Colors! Wow! You're having a really tough time, but it's a brave step to quit the weed. I can offer some soothing words, I hope! Your nervous system is resetting itself right now after detoxing from the sedative effects of frequent cannabis use - it has a calming effect on the central nervous system as you obviously know and your CNS is firing like crazy right now. It will take time to settle down - and you've given up the cigarettes too which work on many receptors too and have an antidepressant and anxiolytic effect via MAO receptors.

That's a BIG double whammy! Giving up the caffeine is good though - stimulants are not what you need right now obviously! You need to give yourself time - it's tough but there is important healing and adjusting going on. Be sure to be extra kind to yourself - if you need to rest, rest! Stay well hydrated and do small things you enjoy too if you can, even if it's just crashing on the couch and watching a favourite movie. And yes - heat is a killer for anxiety so stay cool!

You're doing great - just hang in there! xxxx

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Thank you so much! It's great to hear from someone who has something positive to say:)


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