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Anxiety from marijuana withdrawal help


Hi all,

So I had gotten into smoking Weed heavily about 10 months ago. I was smoking everyday at least 3 times a day. I am an athlete and decided that it was altering my performance so I decided to quit completely.

21 days ago I quit cold turkey, and it has been so awful. I've never suffered from anxiety before but here I am day in and day out thinking there is something severely wrong with me.

The first 4 days I was fine, then it all hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn't feel like I was there mentally when walking around, I had no motivation, constant light-headedness, tingling in my arm and leg on one side of my body, chills and cold sweats. So I thought I was dying and went to the hosputal, they did an ekg, mri, CT scan and blood work. all came back great, the neurologist told me I was suffering from migraines with aura yet I had never had these issues before.

2 weeks go bye and I begin to feel more normal physically, except I now had some trouble breathing and a tight chest, then I started thinking I was having a heart attack or something, go to the doctor again and get blood pressure and heart rate checked, and sure enough I'm completely healthy.

Now 21 days out and the last 2 days I've been getting muscle twitching in my legs and that is now freaking me out, thinking I'm having a seizure or something yet I keep reading that anxiety can cause muscle twitching. I have read that all these symptoms occur from marijuana withdrawal but I didn't believe it.

I would have never smoked if I thought that this was how my body would respond, I'm in constant fear of my health like I might fall over and die or when I go to sleep I won't wake up. I've never been like this before and I'm trying my hardest daily to get through it.

I just wanted to share my story so far and see if anyone had any stories to share as well.



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Well I suppose smoking the stuff in the first place may have been daft but we all make mistakes but well done realizing this and coming of it :-)

I am no expert in this and withdrawals but can only suggest that you speak with your Doctor and I am sure they will be able to advise you :-)

Let us know how you get on :-)

Take Care x

I'm no doctor but if everything came back clear, you are healthy and have no health problems to worry about.

I've known family members use marijuana and can honestly say it's not the best. So glad they stopped it and you have too :) It's like when someone quits smoking you'll get withdrawal symptoms, same with this too. It's understandable that it has also brought out anxiety as you're worrying about all of this.

Tell yourself it's just anxiety and it'll pass, I do this when I have a panic attack. It'll eventually go away :)

powerathlete9 in reply to _Reba_

Thank you both for the replies, I'm doing my best to cope with this and get through as best I can! I will update as I continue to feel better!

_Reba_ in reply to powerathlete9

When you overcome this, you will feel 100% better. :)

Take care and will hopefully see improvements in the next update.


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