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Anxiety & Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)

So a couple of weeks ago my therapist suggested that I might be hypoglycemic because my anxiety always worsens when I'm hungry. I was in between health insurance at the time, so I couldn't see a doctor, but I went ahead and started a hypoglycemic diet.

To my amazement, after 2/3 days of the diet my symptoms of panic, worry, jittery feelings all started to lessen more and more each day. I was showing and feeling progress, but still having a tight chest and clogged nose. I researched it and realized that I was breathing incorrectly. That has subsided as well.

80% of my anxiety symptoms are gone and I feel like I'm getting my life back. I hope this helps someone.

Thank you almighty God 🙌🏽

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Hi, Not today! I have actually been diagnosed by my endocrinologist formally with non diabetic reactive hypoglycemia. Please know that this is pretty rare, though! A lot of anxiety symptoms mimic low blood sugar when in fact all is fine. The only way to really find out if this is an issue for you is to complete a fasting glucose tolerance test to see how your blood sugar behaves - the typical fasting blood sugar done by GP's will not reveal if you have this problem.

A good thing is to try to eat little and often, avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates. This keeps your blood sugars nice and even throughout the day, and as we all know folk with anxiety have very sensitive nervous systems which can pick up even slight physiological changes in our bodies due to us becoming so hyperaware.

I hope this helps a little!☺

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How can you mimic low blood sugar when all is fine? All is not fine if you have low blood sugar and your anxiety is through the roof. Something is not right.

I finally visited a GP yesterday to have a fasting blood glucose ran. I get the results in a few days. She said the tests can only check for hyperglycemia (diabetes), not hypoglycemia. I'd have to purchase a blood sugar tester and monitor my blood to be certain if it hypergl.

What I know is fact is that by eating a hypoglycemic diet, my symptoms are lessening and my quality of life is improving.

Best of luck in your journey.

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That's great news if you're seeing improvements! A fasting BG test won't reveal reactive hypoglycemia however. It's a great idea to get a monitor yourself and log your readings to show your doctor. I wish you all the very best and hope things continue to improve for you.


Hi, i too have noticed my anxiety is worse when im hungry or skipped a meal and i turn into an absolute monster when im starving im so nasty...

Can u tell me what u eat on a hypoglycemic diet please, as im willing to try it as long as i dont lose anymore weight doing it, as im trying to gain weight at the minute....

What kind of things do u have for breakfast? Tia


Hi Tia,

I eat every 2-3 hours. 😩 lol

Breakfast is usually a slice of whole wheat, egg, meat, fruit.

I eat a protein, a slow-burning carbs and fruit at every meal. I enjoy a lot of almonds, chia seed and yogurt. I stay full and it keeps my body balanced. Dont over eat.

You'll have to research which meats, fruits and slow burning carbs are best for you... and of course talk to your doctor.


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