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Exercise to Fight Anxiety/Depression

Exercise increases the happy feel good chemicals such as serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine - important neurotransmitters that traffic in thoughts and emotions, it also lowers the bad chemicals that lead to anxiety and depression such as Cortisol and too much Adrenaline (Fight or Flight)

(Serotonin: lack of it is associated with depression)

Serotonin: often called the policeman of the brain because it helps keep brain activity under control. It influences mood, impulsivity, anger, and aggressiveness

Norepinephrine: often amplifies signals that influence attention, perception, motivation, and arousal. Exercise immediately elevates levels of norepinephrine

In October 2008 researchers from Duke University made the New York Times with a study showing that exercise is better than sertraline (Zoloft) at treating depression.

Teaching the brain that we can survive is crucial to overcoming the anxiety

By making a decision to act in the face of anxiety, we literally shift the flow of information in the brain, forging new pathways

A Brisk 30 minute walk or 20 minutes of jumping rope a day is all it takes , no need to get a expensive gym

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Hi HH_Toronto,

Thanks for reminder and the biology lesson. Those two neurotransmitters are reflected in the signs and symptoms of our mental illnesses and the reason why the doctors chooses one of the other or a combination for their patients.

It is important to make an appointment with yourself to exercise, just when you least feel like it :)


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