Man, so a lot has happened recently.

I was good for almost a year and every time Anxiety rears its ugly head it's something totally different. I'm doing anything I can to kick this thing!

I hate the feeling of passing out and I just started to see a psychologist in my area that specializes in EMDR therapy - read up on it.

I know this will help as I need to digest these feelings and as one of my psychologists' patients said, "For something I try my best to avoid, I sure seem to look for it around every corner!"

That's so true.. Well I know what it's like and I hope whoever reads this finds some sort of relief through assimilation.

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  • Hang in there man, you'll kick it (:

  • Thank you, Alan.

  • Sorry rockster321 that your anxiety is back again. Good Luck with the EMDR therapy. I've heard of it before but never looked into it. It's probably the only thing I haven't tried over the years. Well remember we're here if you need some support. Take care.

  • Thank you Agora for the kind words.

    I will keep y'all updated with the EMDR

  • really well said rockster, thats what this site is all about info/support/sharing many thanks, jim hope life picks up

  • You know whatever you did to manage anxiety for a year definitely sounds encouraging. Ive been taking it day by day, so far two weeks without going into a panic. I hope I can be as strong as you and last a year too. I know you said it returned but, you still managed to keep it away and I think that victory however small is still something worth celebrating. Best of luck with the new therapy, you sound like you are close to breaking these chains of anxiety.

  • Thank you Blu7. I pray you find the peace you're searching for. You will find it and this will pass. It's been 3 years for me, but I seem to go a year or a little more between having an issue. Then I'll have terrible generalized anxiety disorder for a few months until I teach myself to "walk" again.

    My biggest stress is losing my job from all of this.

  • Im also in therapy and doing EMDR. My insurance only covers once a week so it's not as effective as I need it to be. Anxiety is one evil mothereffer!

  • We don't have good psychologists specializing in anxiety over here:( which is very sad..

    Rockster321, could you please tell how did you manage to control your anxiety for over a year?

  • Through lots of prayer and just believing I was okay.

  • ta for like bud, were all inna same boat, ok....sometimes feels like its the titanic but at least were NOT alone

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