Help me

Hey guys I've had to make a new account, my old one being glvss.

I'm having severe anxiety today, my brain won't stop reassuring me I'm going to die any moment. I'm on Paxil but I can't keep up with it everyday. Right now I'm scare and keep getting these weird feelings in my head like sudden pressure and pain and lightheaded feelings, along with tingling,

I know these are symptoms of anxiety but my brain is like "nah you're dying lol"

I need reassurance right now I can't handle this.


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8 Replies

  • Hi... You are in control you know, sit down and relax stop all you are doing and pay attention to yourself. Remind yourself it is your anxiety and continue on with your evening because this monster will not get the best of you. You are the sole owner of yourself. Now take control. 🙂

  • That is the anxiety! Its crazy it makes you really believe that stuff. Its all in your head though. Just try relaxing or try grounding yourself. Trust me its easy to say but hard to do when your having it. I spent my whole day going through waves of attacks and just started feeling better about a hour ago and I been at it since 445 this morning. Im just hoping I sleep good of least. You mentioned that you havent kept up with your Paxil? Im not too familiar with the medicines yet but could that be a cause? Like a side effect?

  • It might be side effects I'm not sure

  • You're not going to die trust me, you're well okay don't worry it's just your thoughts 😊

  • Thank you guys I feel a little better

  • Good :)

  • Hope your feeling ok now x I'm finding that you have to say to yourself is your not going to let your brain ruien your life you need to tell yourself your the one that controls your life and body and this monster is not going to get the better of you x it's hard but try this x

  • I totally understand what you're going through. I recently scared myself because I thought my vision in my right eye had suddenly gotten worse, but it was actually my left eye that got had gotten better. A chalazia in my left eye popped making my vision clearer in that eye. But I freaked out and looked up my symptoms and MS popped up. I fear death so this really scared me. Since then, my brain won't stop telling me that something is wrong with me even though I feel like I'm fine. You're not going to die. Try to relax and take deep breaths. Drinking cold water tends to help me whenever this happens to me.

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