Well been.advised to try and stop smoking to help with my health so giving it a go I. Smoke about 25 a day and smoked from 15 I'm now 42 I got myself a vype tab and am trying really hard and writing down how much I smoke and at times still hitting nearly 20 but other have hit 15 which is good for me my oldest daughter has behaverel probs and when she kicks off I turn for a tab this also sets my anxiety and my costchondiritis off really bad at times I've tried getting help and support for her she has had a support worker and also help off a place called cyps she is nearly 13 but acts a while lot younger I'm sick.of saying to my gp and when she was at cyps there is more like adhd but no one is listening to me no matter how much I try she has threatened to jump outility window and kill herself also hits herself I said to gp that's self harm he said because she is not physical cutting herself it's not and just all behaviour which this upsets me a great deal which is another reason I think my panic attacks are as bad along with my anxiety ad at times I feel so hopeless as a mam as no one will help my daughter and I sit feeling like I'm failing as a mother can anyone please help with some advice would be so much appreciated xx


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  • I smoked from 14 till I was 44 and managed to stop smoking 20 plus a day. I found it very hard but I did do it cold turkey, no tablets or vape, nothing just went straight cold turkey.

    One day at a time for now and just deal with each day. After about 3 years for me at least I could manage ok without fags drinking eating the lot. Still quit after 6 years. I quit June 2011.

    It's up to you, all of it is up to you.

    Your body will try it's hardest to make you have a fag because it's been having nicotine for a very long time and it will have a tantrum until the feeling dies or you give it nicotine.

    Be strong, you can do it.

  • Wow well done to you don't think I could go cold turkey but really want to cut down and stop I do agree it's up to me and having the power to do it I know I need to for my health and I'm defo going to its just down to will power but the big test for me is when my oldest goes in one as that's when I tend to reach for a tab xx

  • You should maybe look into Magnesium glycinate for your kid. They give it to children who suffer ADHD and asperges plus a million other things. I take it, chills me right out as well as it being good for you. You could take some too, calm you down and make you laugh without getting a mental head like some scripts give you.

    Stress is a big factor but stress will always be there in your life.

  • I stopped smoking by using vapers, I'm down to 6mg nicotine now and I feel so much better without tobacco, different things work for different people when it comes to stopping smoking, the vaping has worked wonders for me :-)

  • I don't mean to put a downer on anything but you haven't stopped smoking at all, you vape. You are addicted to nicotine, which is what you get from fags and vapes. All you've done in real terms is smoke silk cut or menthol fags instead of Benson and Hedges or even rollies. To truly stop smoking you need to stop vaping and stop dosing yourself up with nicotine. That is the real challenge. Granted you don't smoke all the other toxins from real fags but it isn't those your addicted too, it's nicotine.

    It's hard, it's like giving up drugs because that is exactly what fags are. Vaping and not smoking real fags is a step towards stopping though and good luck to you with it.

  • Indeed, I'm aware of the habit and addiction aspects of both tobacco smoking and vaping, however as my doctor so rightly pointed out to me, reducing down to 6mg from 24mg is indeed a huge step in the right direction, I feel healthier and I'm very proud of myself, eventually I will do neither, untill then I'm happy with my lot :-)

  • I would weigh up the pros and cons of stopping. It's a stressful world and when you stop you have release. It's ok doctors saying quit it's good for your health, well stress isn't. If you are happy vaping, and it being alot less harmful than real cigs, I'd stay vaping regardless.

  • Are you getting any help from any charity with regards to your daughter.

  • No I'm not she has had a support worker which did not work she has help from cyps which also did not work and was them that's said it's all behaviour related I agree some of it is but not the way I see her go on she carnt sit for a few minutes always figiting very restless still wants to play with dolls and just different signs has me concerned even when hitting doors and saying she wants to kill her self so hito herself or with brush this to me ain't right but apparently still behaviour related when I told cyps she don't sit still he said we'll she is sitting still now we had just literally walked in the room to sit xx

  • Sorry you are having problems doctor not listening to you ,why not change doctors ? As for the smoking it is hard to give up.but you can do it but you have got to want to give up.I gave up for 10 months once as I had really bad chest infection .and I did it cold turkey and I found that best way to do it the first two weeks were hard but once you get past the first 2 weeks it was so easy.hope you get help with your daughter but you must also look after yourself to.

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