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Feeling like dying every second..PVC, PAC how do you keep calm and not freak out all the time??

I have been having Pac and Pvc for the past 2 years.. had multiple 2 weeks monitors, Echocardiograms, EKGs, MRI (not completed bc of Migrane), Stress test....I don't exercise anymore because I can't get over the fear of dying of cardiac arrest.

My friend, a year older than me (30) died of Sudden Cardiac Arrest a week ago and I can't get over it, it's my worst fear and to see it happen like that mad me go into a spiral of panic, fear and anxiety.

How o you live with these forever? I want to have babies but the thought of being pregnant and have more of this beats gives me so much anxiety.

I can't take beta blockers because my blood pressure runs low.

Ep said these are harmless and that I am OK.. AND he said that if I am worried I can get one of those LINQ monitor implanted and that will keep an eye on my heart up to 3 years... would you do it? does it sound jut like he's trying to reassure me?

Please please please...any suggestions.

I know anxiety cause them but I think the anxiety that these beats are greater.

How do you go to the gym without being afraid you will drop dead on the floor?

I can't do this..


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I feel an am scared of this aswell it's so horrible 😩


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