Feels like I am dieing every wer is hurting

My back is hurting eyes are stinging keep seeing lots of floaters Allstate I keep think is I am goin to die or pass out I did go out last night and drank just as much as the next guy I am only 22 I used never to feel this bad a few years ago since I got anxiety being rough is makeing me feel like I am going to die keep thinking it's my kidneys or something but I am sure it's just a pulled muscle and my liver must be ok I am young and like to think physically fit please give me some comfort and tell me it's not only me


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  • Hi john its Mandy, not heard from you in a while, its weird how anxiety seems to hit the symptoms you fear most, I've had an awefull morning one of my biggest panick attacks ever, the first thing to goes is my eyes blurry and when I cant see right it escalates and escalates, I've literally had the fear of god put up me this morning and I was all alone. Seriously thought my number was up. Took over an hour to fight it. I worry about my liver too as I'm a drinker xx have a bottle of wine every day I know its not the answer maybe creating another problem but its the only way I can function at this time, so no your not alone. Xx mandy😐

  • Thanks Mandy I can't cope automatically think the worse does my head in eyes are the worse keep thinking I have a tumor x

  • We think everything is ok n doing great then boom it might as well boot us in the face, my worse fear is going blind other is liver failure, last night had few brain zaps and lost sight in left eye for a few minutes scares the life outa me amazing how it affects our worst fears. I'm usually strong with this shit, but lately its been a tremendous battle for me, I hate thus time of year Halloween all doom gloom death monsters, and freaky films on tv. Trick or treaters, living next to a graveyard when I was a kid is why I'm like I am now. Dreading tonight lol nice to talk again john xxx Mandy 😓

  • I no I hate it when I am rough sometimes I'll take illegal substances which I hate the day after I feel like am guns die also what's anoying me is if I rub my tongue pretty hard on my left sided teeth it triggers like ther is a loose like band in the left side of my head but it's not the right side I keep thinking maybe this is why my eyes r bad and I see this blue dot also I can't stop rubbing my tongue now and now I can just feel a weird feeling this is all stemd threw the lose of my mum x

  • Its all imagination sunshine, I get a feeling like my fingers hands feel like lead and aren't listening to my commands in asking freaks me out butit is in my mind I know it is, happened many times this is what we have to focus on that its happened before, and we're still here and ok john, its a trick of anxiety playing with us good or bad, were both ok john honestly me too lets beat this shit together my friend I'm with you on this, mother fucker as it is. Xxx mandy😌

  • I have the same issue. I am 22, a couple years ago I was at my top fitness level and now have no motivation/energy to battle with back pain and minor injuries. For the past couple months I have had this idea that I am terminally ill and no one can figure it out. I went to urology and got a clean bill of health, and basic blood work has come back normal.

    I feel like I have aged 20 years in 18 months. I am down to swimming only and even that is a challenge. I no longer tumble, spin, run, etc. and I am having more and more anxiety that my symptoms are more serious than anyone knows.

  • Same here it's so anoying just wana be normal again and do fitness and play rugby without feeling my heart and shit so anoying

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