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Why do I feel like I'm going to die

For the last 1 year I have a fear of dying. Just suddenly having a panic attack and dying.

I wake up with the same thought it my head

Please help

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I get this. And months back it was real bad for me. That dreadful feeling of doom. It is part of anxiety. I was so scared, that I would barely sleep. It went away on it's own, but I recommend you see a therapist because it's a feeling that is not easy to handle alone. It takes alot out of you. I was constantly fatigued and weak from the constant anxiety and lack of sleep. So you are not alone in the fear.

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Thank you for your reply. I have seen more then 20 therapists none works for me:(today has been the worst like today is the day

What have you done to overcome


Honestly it went away on it's own when I started accepting that I have anxiety and it comes along with bad and negative thoughts. I stopped feeding it by no longer fearing it. Don't get me wrong I sometimes still get those fears but I brush them off quickly and focus on something or someone else.


I will try that

Thank you

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I too feel this way, it keeps me up at night because im so scared i wont wake up. Its slowly going away,


So sorry to hear that. I'm on the same boat. Wonder if people really die eventually or it's just a thought it goes away


I hope its just a thought!


Amytat, your mind is responding in a perfectly normal way bearing in mind you have anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorder means that your nervous system has become over sensitised by too much stress, worry, over work, disappointment etc.

Once over sensitised your nerves begin to exaggerate ten fold all the usual little worries and concerns that we have.

Some people think that a slight headache is the beginning of a brain tumour, others imagine that indigestion is the start of a heart attack, others think a strained muscle is caused by cancer. Everything gets magnified out of all proportion by our sensitised nervous system.

In your case the normal concern we all feel not to die before our time has become magnified into an overwhelming fear of imminent death.

Our nerves are playing tricks on us, of course we don't have tumours, heart disease, cancer or face imminent death. These are just fake symptoms caused by jangled nerves.

Then the fear builds up into a panic attack and fear hormones are released which maintain your nervous system in its over sensitised state.

Amytat, you can recover from all the horrible feelings and strange thoughts simply by accepting them for the moment calmly and without fear. Instead of fighting and fearing them accept them.

Easier said than done, I agree. But there is a short book that explains how the Acceptance method works and how you can cure yourself. It's called 'Self help for your nerves' by Doctor Claire Weekes, it's available from Amazon.

So stop frightening yourself half to death with fake and fraudulent symptoms and concentrate on fixing the cause by accepting the symptoms for the time being.

You don't have to put up with panic attacks and feelings of doom. But you have to do something to help yourself in order to recover.


Thank you so much for your reply.

I'm experiencing really bad heart palpitations and sometimes feels like my heart is skipped a beat and I get more worried that its gonna stop.

I have had 100 scans for different parts of my body. Have had more then 20 therapists nothing works.

Please help me if you have recovered from this horrible situation



Amytat, I have missed irregular heart beats from time to time like you. Unlike you I accept them as harmless symptoms of anxiety which will soon pass. I feel no fear about them and they always pass.

I don't say this to make out I am superior to you, it's just the way I am.

Your palpitations will never cause your heart to stop beating. You have had so many scans you must glow in the dark. Anything life threatening would have been noticed a long time ago.

You experience health anxiety and you know that all your symptoms are fake. They never show up on an MRI scan. They never show up on a CT scan. They never show up in a blood test. They never show up in an x-ray. They never show up on an ECG/ EKG scan.

Want to know why? Because they don't f***ing exist.

You are trying to cure yourself of illnesses you don't have. Amytat, here is the best advice anybody has ever given you: You cannot cure yourself of an illness you don't have no matter how hard you try.

Yes I know you have the symptoms, the aches, the pains, the bad feelings and strange thoughts. But they are tricks your sensitive nerves are playing on you. You will get nowhere trying to cure yourself by concentrating on these fraudulent fake symptoms.

To recover you must address the cause of the symptoms not the symptoms themselves.

Here's how to do that. Go back to my last post and note the book I mentioned. That's the U.K. version, the U.S. edition is titled 'Hope and help for your nerves' by Doctor Claire Weekes.

Amytat, that small book was written 50 years ago but its message for how to recover is eternal. If you look at the reader reviews on both versions of Amazon you will find that in recent years there have been 1,600 reader reviews of this book and Weekes' other books. And 90% rate her books Very Good or Excellent. All for a book written half a century ago!

This book will bring you understanding, an end to bewilderment and offers a road to recovery that is endorsed by over 1,400 people FIFTY YEARS AFTER IT WAS FIRST PUBLISHED.

I strongly commend this book to you. As you read it you will feel it was written for you personally, that the author knows you.

You will recognise yourself in its pages.

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I also support that Jeff1943. I have read it too and it’s an excellent book for sufferers :)


Thank you sooo much. Your reply really helps me. I just purchased Dr Claire Weekes is called Essential Help for Your Nerves

Would that be different to the one you said ?

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Sorry Amytat, only just saw your post, yes that is a different book by the same author. But to understand her acceptance method for recovery from anxiety disorder Claire Weekes' first book is the most useful. In the u.k. it is called 'Self help for your nerves' and in the u.s. the same book is titled 'Hope and help for your nerves'.

Her method involves four imperatives:

1. FACE the fact that you have anxiety disorder.

2. ACCEPT all the symptoms for the moment without fighting them.

3. FLOAT through your day as if you are on automatic pilot.

4. LET TIME PASS as it takes time to recover, time spent practicing acceptance and floating, give your recovery all the time it needs.

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Thank you. I just checked and have that book.Its a gray cover one I

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Great advice


I too have had the same Amytat. And I have recovered from the panick attacks. Read , read, read. Especially the book Jeff said. I promise you it will get better I have health issues anyway. But found propananol beta blocker got me thru the skipping heart beats. Talk to your doctor to see if they agree. Good luck 👍🏻 x

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