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Feeling like I'm in a falling elevator and head feels spaced out all the time for four years


My name is Ashley I'm 27 and I have been having these symptoms for four years now doctors all say anxiety and panic disorder but it's every single day I have some decent days and some awful, it feels like I'm leaning to the right when I get out of bed my head feels heavy and it's kind of space out I have floaters in my vision and sometimes I feel like I'm falling like I'm in a falling elevator it scares the fuck out of me to put it mild! I'm tense in my neck and shoulders simply because I'm a nervous wreck most of the time if I get angry Andy upset just the slightest I get tension headaches !!!! If anyone has this please reassure me I'll be okay I don't need negativity please I just want to get better for myself and my son. And I feel like if my spaced out feeling and falling sensation would disappear I'd feel amazing please help

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Hi Ashley1489, Welcome to the Anxiety Forum. I had exactly the same symptoms as you have every single day for years. The feelings culminated into tension headaches. When the headaches were gone, the tight/tense feeling in the neck and shoulders continued. Head spaced out, feeling like on an elevator or in a rocking boat. Seeing floaters in my vision as well. When sitting on the couch watching tv, my body would lean to the right. All this sound familiar?? I was diagnosed with GAD. I was put on medication and started talking therapy. It was a long time for me before I realized how much therapy was helping me. When first going, I truly didn't believe in it. Then one day while sitting at home and thinking over all I had learned through therapy, something clicked inside me. It was like a light bulb went off and from that moment on I just knew I was going to be okay again. And I am. I had gotten to the point of wanting to do anything and try anything to stop this insanity of daily anxiety. I was angry, really angry what anxiety took from me. Apparently, the anger and determination to get better made me able to accept the fact that anxiety was a thought, and could not harm me. The more I stepped out of my comfort zone, the stronger I got. I went from an anxious, agoraphobic to being able to once again get out and drive and not feel the least bit threatened by an attack. If a wave of fear came over, it was gone before you could blink an eye. I do still use meditation and deep breathing every day so that if my stress level starts to rise, I breathe it down before it has a chance to take over. The symptoms are gone, not that they don't try to sneak in on occasion but I don't care and just go on with my day.

I wish you well.

Ashley1489 in reply to Agora1

Thank you so much I was getting so much better a few months back and I tried going off my meds well it didn't work out to well and I ended up in the er because I felt like I was dying in slowly getting back on them and I hope it works :-)

Agora1 in reply to Ashley1489

Ashley, when ever getting off medication, it will give you quite a kickback since the brain doesn't like the fact that you are cutting it off from the drugs. It literally has a mind of it's own (no pun intended) The chemical changes that were made on the brain by the drugs have to be weaned off slowly (depending on length of time on med) Even with that, it takes time after the last pill to feel the full effect of being off meds by having the brain heal. Once you get through that stage, you would start feeling better and clearer headed.

Going back on drugs is not a failure. It is something you might need right now along with therapy that will help you break that circle of fear. If something doesn't break that circle, you end up stuck and go no where. I wish you well getting back on something. Keep on with the forum. The support and understanding are a big part of getting better. Take care..

Ashley1489 in reply to Agora1

Thanks 😊

Hi Ashley, maybe you just need reassuring that you are OK and many people here know what you are going through. Myself I feel unsteady all day with constant sore and tight neck and shoulder muscles and a heavy head feeling, tingling legs, brain fog, and really agitated over little things. I sometimes have the eye floaters, they make me feel really weird, which inturn thinks something else is wrong, but I just go to a dark room and rest, knowing that it will soon pass. ALl these symptoms kick in just about everyday around 10am, drives me nuts but the harder I resist it, the more tiredout I get. I'm about to try meditation of some sort to help me relax, but there's many people here that will help you

It could be from all the tension in your body have you tried massage, physiotherapy, chiropractor, osteopath or acupuncture? If not I suggest you try these to ease the tension in your body.

I have the same symptoms as you. Tension headaches, brain fog, anxiety and the falling being pushed to the side stuff. My doc sent me to balance centre and I was treated for bppv. Its a type of vertigo where the crystals in our inner ear move too much. its the crystals moving that cause the rocking boat pushed over imbalance feelings. when I feel I am falling while I'm sat still its them moving. Anxiety does add its own problems. Hope this helps.

My ent said my ears were fine :-( how did I get diagnosed with bppv

Same like what is it I was having the symptoms

Sorry you feel so bad, I have felt like this many times too have you tried doing exercise to burn it off?

I don't exercise anymore because I feel faint alot... If I do I try and just walk a little but I have to have my music playing and headphones on.... Keeps my mind off of being so off balanced

i’m 14 yrs old and i have the same thing and i’ve been telling my doctors and my parents and they don’t do anything but give me anxiety drops. and everyone time i go on an elevator it feels like i’m on one for a few hours and it’s so scary. i honestly don’t know wat to do. i’m so scared 😭

Minnie87 in reply to shaygeorge

Bless you! I feel exactly how you do.its because you are highly sensitised to your body and any slight movement can trigger it off.its horrible and i feel like that everyday.you are not alone x

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