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My granddaughter was is,12 had aniexty and depression she's on zolf 100mg. A few weeks ago she was raped by a 20yr old who was a family member of her mom's. She only goes with her mom on a Saturday. She lives with me. She has a therapist but I think she needs,a new one. Her anxiety and depression are getting worse some people around her are saying it's her fault which it isn't. Anyone know how I help her realize this isn't true. The police are involved and a court hearing is coming soon.

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Cancelliere, My heart breaks for your granddaughter. I am truly sorry this happened to her. You are absolutely correct in that she needs a new therapist. Preferably one that specializes in rape and traumatic life events. She needs to know and be convinced that she had nothing to do with this vile act upon her. This is something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. I hope she doesn't need to be there on the day of the court hearing. Either way she needs the support that only a professional can give her. My thoughts are with you as well. Please let us know how she does after finding another counselor. Keep strong x


My heart goes out to you & your granddaughter. I'm struggling to find the right things to say... I was raped as a child by a family member too... The most important thing for her to know it's 100% not her fault & you are there. She needs you to be strong & there when she needs you. If possible keep her away from those who are blaming her.... it makes me sick thinking anyone could blame a rape victim ... especially a child. Ask her therapist if they can recommend someone who deals with type of trauma. Your granddaughter will need a safe place to discuss & these things are hard to discuss ... I'm not sure where you live, but there are support groups/advocates that help in rape cases... it might be a good idea to look into. The court might appoint someone for her. I'm sorry can't think of much else, it's really hard for me.... I wish I could give you a hug. Your granddaughter is brave & she will get through this. She's strong like her grandma 🌼💛

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