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Health anxiety desperate times

Here I am with a fever and burning pains in a rather private area!

Seen 3 different doctors this week and still I'm convincing myself there's something seriously wrong with me. Doctors say don't worry, but I just don't believe them.

The things that go through my mind are terrifying. I wish there was a way to snap out of this.

I wish I could man up but that seems the hardest thing to do.

Is there anyway out of this?

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Well i would go along with what your GP tells you, if your doc says there is nothing wrong then accept it. I know it is easier said than done but surely a professional body would know better than what we think.

I think what we do is allow our thinking to get out of control and take over. We do get angry with ourselves for feeling this way but there is no instant fix for anything and i have left a couple of blogs trying to help anyone suffering with anxiety and panic attacks. I am not saying they will work for you but maybe you could take a look and let me know. I hope there is some way you can stop this thinking pattern but just remember we listen to our GP's because they are the medical professionals and they help us through this, So as long as your GP and any other professional body is telling you that you are physically fit then i would just go along with this and say to yourself. ( Im fine, there is nothing wrong with me other than i feel anxious when not well and i try to diagnose myself but im not a professional at this so i will just take the answers i am given and get on with it. ) just keep telling yourself your fine until you are told different. Hope something i say helps. Good luck and best wishes. Get better soon xx Debs


Hi, I have been there and done that. For yrs of my life I convinced myself that I had everything under the sun. First I got some headaches and obviously that was brain tumour (not) and I forced my doctor to get me an MRI. Then a few months later I got a cough and you know the rest....

I went through 5 different tests before a GP took control and got me on anti-depressants and I got my life back. Don't waste your life worrying about something that might happen because what you are doing is wasting your life away today!

I am also a man so I completely understand that feeling of you should man up; if you met me you would think this is a very confident man and I work in a very male chest banging environment where everyone is super human but in reality its not like that. I have had periods where I have been rolled up on the floor in the work toilets but I am still here after 7 yrs of this and I have had some great times with a few bad times. Don't give up hope and try and relax because you will be fine. You will be fine.


Thanks for the replys. In the back of my mind I know that this is just another episode with me worrying about nothing. But the physical symptoms are so over powering its hard to believe. As I sit here now I have a fever of 102 and a few peeing type problems. Doctors saying to me there's nothing wrong just doesn't ring true with me "it's just a virus they say"

Do normal every day people just say oh well to them selfs and get on with life? 20 years of this and I still can't work it out :(


I'm like you Super27.

How do other people just carry on not being bothered by strange pains or weird looking moles on their arms????

Everything I have is a problem from needing to pee too much (a man thing) to a headache.

Yet friends just don't seem to be the least concerned by these things.

I wish I was like them!


My suggestion would be, get a second opinion or third or fourth or so on until you know for sure it is either something or nothing. Sometimes hun you have to convince yourself it is nothing. But in general if you have a virus or infection then your temp could be up and you making yourself worry more could put your blood pressure up to so this would then give you a higher temp so sometimes we bring ourselves to thinking things are worse than they are because we work ourselves up to those states. For high fever drink plenty of fluids and if you are able to and have no problems with paracetamol are good for bringing down fevers. I would think your sensible to know most of what i say but sometimes irrational thinking is all we have so actually reading it in black and white so to speak makes us sit down and take note. Good luck Debs


Update of my nightmare. Ended up in A&E, what a waste of time

That was, took them 7 hrs to see me then they said I had an std and could not help!!

So after seeing 3 doctors and a trip to hospital I decided to go to a gum clinic as my last resort.

Turns out I have an infection in my prostate and associated plumbing

What started out as a simple infection turned into a nasty one.

They were amazed that it wasn't diagnosed earlier.

Getting better now though thanks to the people at the gum clinic who were brilliant considering it wasn't an std issue, totally understanding of anxiety problems and they had all the time in the world for me.

Is it me but are doctors becoming useless in recognising simple problems?

That's my trust of doctors gone.


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