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Hey! Just an update!

Hey everyone! Thanks again for all of your suggestions and help. I tried just about all of it and for the most part it worked. I went on vacation with my safe person for a week and barely got anxious. I even went out and adventured. I did not go out to eat though, I’m not quite ready for that yet. The car ride to and from Florida was very successful, I only got anxious once. It’s been two weeks since I’ve been back from vacation. The anxiety started back up on my 5th day back home. I’ve been trying figure out specific triggers and I just can’t seem to think of any. I’ve got a big move coming up which is something to be stressed about but I just can’t seem to understand why I did fine with my agoraphobia and anxiety on vacation but now that I’m home it’s kicking back in. Any thoughts?

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Highwinds, on vacation you felt free from the normal daily stresses, you could escape from them for a while. Now you're back and those old stresses and anxieties re-assert themselves. I'm the othet way round, I love going on vacation but I'm out of my comfort zone so I get more stressed. Suppose it takes all sorts.

Maybe the cause of your anxiety is the big move coming up, maybe havinganxiety itself is stressing you out and its self perpetuating. Anxiety causes more fear which causes more anxiety which causes more fear etc and the original cause gets forgotten.

Could you find time to read a book if you believed it would tell you the truth about how to recover from anxiety and agrophobia? If you can then read 'Hope and help with your nerves' by Claire Weekes available new or used for a few dollars from Amazon. Read a few of the reader reviews first, there are several hundred, 90% rate the book Very Good or Excellent. Claire Weekes was an Australian doctor who spent her whole life helping folks to recover from anxiety and agrophobia with a technique based on four impetitives, the greatest of which is Acceptance.

What's to lose, Highwinds, what's to lose?


Because you where away from everything, getting a break from it all.

If it all kicked in again when you got home maybe your normal daily life is causing you some stress.

I hope you manage to feel better soon.

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