Can anybody relate? Medical vs anxiety?

So I have been doing okay last couple weeks ( not great but ok). These last couple days have been worse. I basically feel out of it with no energy ( kind of like a drugged sleepy feeling) till around noon then the drugged feeling gets a little better but I feel like my legs weigh a 100 pounds, dizzy and shaky. I also been getting slight headaches. I kind of felt like this before starting the antidepressants except this time I am not getting the horrible panic attacks. I did get my period last week but it's pretty much over so I should feel better. I also have to pee a million times but no other symptoms. All my labs have been absolutely fine recently including my vitamin 12 and glucose. No anemia or blood sugar issues. Can anybody relate? I am trying to stay positive but it's so hard when I feel so crappy. Oh, my blood pressure is fine too and HR but I do feel better sitting


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  • I have exactly the same thing... I describe it as feeling hungover which doesn't lift until mid afternoon and then I have a few hours where I might feel slightly better before feeling completely exhausted but once I go to bed I can't sleep it's like a vicious circle! Which antidepressants are you taking? I have the same thing with constant need to pass water and had put it down to a side effect of my medication.

  • Wow, same symptoms. I take celexa. I feel worse with these symptoms this week for some reason. I do feel a little more anxious as well but I wonder if it's because of these symptoms. How long have u had these symptoms? I also attributed it to med side effect but why is it worse this week? I also take ativan to sleep ( small dose). It's hard to work when I just have no energy and my legs don't want to move. I also feel better around noon for couple hours then worse. Weird we have the same exact symptoms.

  • I take Sertraline just been upped to 100mg few days ago. I found it gives me cramps and worsened periods as well as the constant need to pee. I have had to take a week sick from work because I can't wake up in a morning and have felt shocking! I'm due to go back tomorrow morning I can't give in to it. I've had the symptoms for over a year now but it's getting a lot worse. It's now getting to the point where it's affecting my work even the Meds aren't lifting the groggy feeling for me

  • Have you had all medical tests done and been told it's anxiety? Have u taken Zoloft for one year with these symptoms? Did u just up dose to see if symptoms would get better? Sorry for all the questions. I am very nervous my body is getting used to the meds and I will get my horrible anxiety back where I can't function

  • I've had countless blood tests, spirometery test for my breathing and 3 ECGs. I've been diagnosed with depression and anxiety and I am currently seeing a specialist mental health nurse. I take Sertraline and have been for 3 months. I was on Citrolopram previously but that didn't work. My specialist upped the dose as I felt that it wasn't strong enough. She said the side effects would get worse but as of yet they haven't. I've been offered CBT therapy to compliment the Meds so once I come off them I'll have coping methods in place.

  • I have been on Zoloft before and it has worked for me so I keep thinking I should have gone back on that instead of celexa. Did the citralopram give u side effects or it just didn't work for anxiety?

  • I had no real side effects with it it just spaced me out a little bit it didn't help the anxiety at all. Sertraline seems to be doing better for me

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