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I am an 18 year old female and I'm around 5 foot 3 and I weigh 92 pounds. Does this sound like anorexia? I'm really scared and don't know how to gain the weight back. :(

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Are you vomiting or refusing food? Other than your low weight for your height, what is making you worry if you have anorexia?

If you are eating regularly and not over exercising, this may just be normal for your body. But to be certain, maybe you should call your doctor and ask for advice about this and perhaps to a nutritionist.

I don't know your age, but when my son was in junior and senior high and was on swim teams, I had a difficult time keeping weight on him...or enough bananas in him for niacin.

After swim practice, no one wants to eat. Usually, an hour later we had dinner, but his breakfast was healthy and with fruit and I packed his lunches full of nutritious food. I was fortunate as the local hospital dietician was a friend of mine and helped with suggestions.

Hope you check with your MD and maybe have a good physical to make certain nothing like your thyroid needs to be checked.



everything in my blood is normal, even my thyroid is normal. The doctors said I am very underweight and I just don't want to be anorexic, it scares me to death. I have no appetite whatsoever.. I do eat, just not very much.. Im so scared.

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Time to see a nutritionist, don't you think?

Nothing to be afraid of if the doctors didn't say anything.

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Eat Ben and Jerry's ice cream, that is how I gained weight, oh but I was also married at the time.

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I'm not for sure but I think anorexia nervosa is more based on thoughts and behaviors about your weight rather than just being underweight. Anorexic people are usually so frightened of gaining weight and obsessed with being thin that they're constantly working out, purging and what not and sometimes dont even realize they're underweight. I would definitely check with your doc for sure, especially if you have any of these symptoms. Anxiety takes a huge toll on your appetite especially in my experience. I used to love food and practically live for it but once the anxiety hit I never wanted to eat, everything tasted awful and made me sick. I recommend fruit because it's light and easy, same with salads, and protein shakes are easy and help give you nutrients you're missing out on (the generic version of special k shakes at walmart are my personal fave). I hope you get this figured out but please go to your doctor!

Best wishes!

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