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Discouraged.. Week 5 on zoloft

Some days I think I'm getting better, and then I'm hit with 2-3 days of anxiety/exhaustion. Up and down. I figured it would be working better than this by now. :( I have a dr. Appointment tmrw... I'm not sure if she'll up my dosage or switch medications or stop them all together. I'm not getting any bad side effects, I'm just still not close to where I need to be in order to live a happy life. So discouraged :( any words of advice or similar experiences?

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You have improved some and it's still only 5 weeks

You may have increase and another week or 2 start having more good days. Hang in there


Hi AnxiousAmy, Just a reminder that with an SSRI it's not going to be a magical turnabout. That's why it's not good to focus on the number of days/weeks you've been taking the medication. It is a slower process than the antianxiety and not as clear as to when it's working. Your doctor will know and I'm glad you have an appointment tomorrow. In regards to yourself, you won't really notice the change until after the effect. Looking back you will realize that you are doing better and feeling better. You won't feel like the med is doing it but that you are changing for the better. It will all come into play. x

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Instead of looking at the amount of days or weeks you are on this, start looking at how much improvement you have made. couple days are great and then a couple of days are not so great. Thats OK! Stay positive, pray, and you will see the number of good consecutive days will increase. Remember that there are good days and they will come.

Also, are you speaking to a therapist while taking these meds? Therapy, like CBT, coupled with the medication you are taking, I have heard can work extremely well for people.

Stay focused on things that will get you through the days, don't focus on the uncomfortable feeling and you will see how fast the day goes by and how great the next day will be.

Prayer is a powerful thing and just remember, God is always listening and ready to help you. You just have to ask. =)

If you need anything dont be afraid to ask.


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Thanks all for your kind words! I knew I had to be patient... But I guess I'll just have to test my patience a little more! :) I do pray and always feel a slight releif afterwards knowing that I'm in his hands!

Hope you are all feeling well today!

Amy :)

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Hang in there you doing good you just go to remember to have patience there's no quick fix I wish there was but over time you'll get to where you want to be! Good luck :)

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