Why do I feel like this

I'm so scared when I lay down to go to sleep I get this werid feeling that I really hate throughout my whole body I think I'm dying what should I do


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  • Hi Korrina I get that also,are you taking medicine?

  • Not right now I'm just really scared and I have this feeling like all day now do u have any ideas of what I is

  • How old are you,and its anxiety!!!

  • I'm 14

  • yes

  • Hey I used to feel like that 2 months ago haha. But I'd have to deal with that feeling for about 8 months, so I remember perfectly how it feels. It's just anxiety , no need to worry. Your body is feeling high alert before you go to sleep so when you lay down to fall asleep, your mind and body reacts by panicking, triggering your fight or flight response. Just breathe and relax, its probably nothing serious ;)

  • my husband said that to

  • I've had a bad few nights the same love is it like an electric shock in your head or a falling sensation then feeling of utter panick, it all comes with anxiety love scary I know but normal does Iit happen when you start to drift off ??

  • Yea it happens when I start to dirft off

  • yes .

  • Ihave been experiencing the same thing. Ithink about death and think I'm going to die, but its just mind thing. I pray and keep myself busy. When my body feel like its fatigued or shutting down, i get up and go for a walk by water. its relaxing to me. Because of my Christianity and belief in God, the devil tries to distract me with my anxiety, but prayer does work adn doing something you really love to do, like me I sing.

  • i just clean up

  • Thanks for the help guys I am really having trouble with this can't get sleep that much or anything my head is feeling werid all the time and it really just sucks

  • Have you tried any relaxation exercises or relaxation music, there should be some books in your local library on anxiety do give them a try.

  • i fell sad when by my self all .

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