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What's going on with me 😩

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Right now I feel like my heads all tingling I'm fearing the worst like I always do it's been a week full of anxiety attacks one after another I'm exsausted even though Iv slept loads I'm thinking this is it this is the end I'm going to die please does anyone else feel like this I'm in a complete state all because my head feels funny I'm think it's a tumour stroke hemrage 😫 I hate this 😒😒😒😒

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I'm going through exactly the same thing. I have numbness in my right arm and right leg. I keep convincing myself I'm having a stroke :-( It's getting me so down. Really can't cope anymore. Doctors have given me sertraline but I'm terrified to take them as many ppl have said they felt so down when they first started taking them and I don't wanna feel any worse than I already do. I've got 2 children and feel like this is the end of my life. I'm tempted to go to hospital with the way I am feeling right now but they will probs just say u having an anxiety attack and send me home

Hun so sorry your feeling like that it's horrible isn't it I have an 18mth old and I fear I'm going to die and he won't ever remember me I have a loveing husband but he don't understand what's with me we have a fab relationship nothing really is going on to make me like this I nearly called an ambulance half hour ago I got myself in such a state thinking I was having a stroke as I couldn't get my words out I had pins and needles felt numbness in arms and face I was in such a state my head still feels strange like Iv got pressure in it 😞 My anxiety has been so intense last week i feel so ill I hope we both feel better soon I so want to get over this feeling I want to be normal I want to be happy I don't want to keep thinking I'm going to die thinking Iv got a tumour or having a stroke etc etc hugs to you Hun because feeling like this is horrible I wouldn't wish it on anyone xxxx

Danielleapet, start slowing down your breathing. Find a quiet place that you can tune out the world for a few minutes. Close your eyes, place your hands on your lap and breathe. Slow calming belly breathes in, hold and then exhale slowly saying relaxxxx

When your thoughts go in another direction (and they will) bring yourself back to this calming peaceful place and continue the deep breathing. Find a place in your mind where everything is peaceful, whatever brings you peace. Inhale the serenity of that peaceful calm while breathing. Your head will slowly start to feel clearer, the tingling will disappear as you get the full breathes, oxygen filling breathes back in sync. The world will be waiting for you but right now this is your alone time. Your time to readjust. Peace and calm be with you.

Danielleapet in reply to Agora1

Agora1 thank you so much for your advice I took what you said and it calmed me down Iv saved you advice and when I feel like this again going to keep reading it thank you so much my head still feels strange like heavy like it's going to explode but with the week Iv had with anxiety I'm not suprised really I feel exsausted x

Agora1 in reply to Danielleapet

Danielleapet, hydration is very important in reducing that head feeling. For me, it's usually a sign that I haven't had enough water. x

Danielleapet in reply to Agora1

Really Hun Iv not drank a lot today at all so will make sure I do thanks xx

Anther great way to calm down when you are overwhelmed with anxiety is to sit down and close your eyes and gently tap your forehead from one side to the other with just one finger. Do it for about 5 minutes. While you are doing it that is all you will feel the gentle taps all the other sensations that were bothering you will vanish as you are distracted and won't feel them. After 5 minutes stop and open your eyes and see how you feel. If you still feel a bit on edge do it for another short while. It is a great remedy that works wonders for me and a lot of people.

Good luck. You have nothing to lose but your anxiety so do give it a try.

Thanks for your advice I will give that ago now 😘

Im feeling the same way, from fast heart palpitations, to tingling in my extremities to a weird feeling on the side of my head :( to the fear of leaving my kids alone, i cant even get out of bed with this fear that i might leave them alone and i feel so guilty bc i cant even play with them like i want to bc i feel so sick. It sucks to suffer from this illness when all you want to do is just be there for your kids and be happy with your husband :( πŸ€‘

Danielleapet in reply to Chache

Hi chache πŸ€— It's terrible that we feel like this always on edge always thinking so thing bad is going to happen then the panic attacks set in I feel like I'm going crazy 😞 Just hope we all get to a better place and soon love to you all let's stick together and see if we can beat this 😘

Godisthecur in reply to Chache

Im going through this now..activities with my kids (0)...but i pray because god has a plan for all of us and im sure he knows our kids need us and he would not take away so soon a parent who is good to their children..i think anxiety is the devil playing with our minds...but he wants you to give up..but the lord says continue to have faith in him and you will be saved...

At first my partner kept saying it's all in my head but now it's been going on for a year and got worse I keep breaking down nd can't stop crying so I think he is really worried about me now. It's hard for ppl that haven't been through it before cos they don't understand what it feels like. Ppl ask me why I feel like this and I just don't have an answer as I don't know why I feel the way I do. It's so frustrating cos some days I feel fine and think I'm having a good day then all of a sudden the anxiety just hits me. I'm worse on a nite time and find that every time I try to relax my muscles tense up. The physical symptoms just come on and I can't seem to control it :-( I'm in two minds whether to start the tablets tomorrow. Is anyone else on sertraline or not as any advice would be greatly appreciated xxx

Hi Hun reading your post is just how I feel husband don't understand because he's never felt like it like you said when people ask why do you feel this way you can't answer Iv no reason to be feeling like this it's just crept up on me I'm going to doctors tomorrow I want tablets I can't cope living like this but then again I will read side effects and not want to take them hugs to you Hun here if you need to chat xxxx

I feel exactly the same way as you, I've had a hellish week and have really struggled to keep it together. I try using lots of different coping mechanisms but find that once I'm 'in it' I can't get out. My sane mind tells me 'it's anxiety' but my insane mind tells me 'disaster lies ahead'

This is a continual occurrence, I have thoughts every 5-10 minutes and my brain hurts.

I'm pleased we can all help each other πŸ’

Lyns1411 in reply to begentle51

Have u ever been prescribed tablets from doctors?

Propanalol 10mg 3 times a day but they make me feel strange well it's more than likely me stressing about taking them that's making me feel strange πŸ˜• Going back tomorrow he did say if I feel no better in a few weeks to go back but I don't want to wait a few weeks he said he would give me ciltlopram used for depression and anxiety xx

Do u think citalopram would be better than sertraline? I've read quite bad side effects of sertraline so it worries me xxx

I don't know much about sertraline and don't know anyone who's been on them I know a friend who's had ciltlopram and said it really worked for her but I do know we arnt all the same what works with one doesn't work for another xx

Hi Hun gosh there are so many of us feeling the same way hugs to you ❀️ Isn't it terrible I been exactly the same since last Monday I try and tell myself it's anxiety and it's not real I won't die nothing is going to happen but like you say when I'm in it I can't get out of it then your waiting for the next one and the next one it's like a dark cloud over you and nothing you do can make it go away we look ok we put our makeup on do our hair nails fake tan etc but under all that it's a different story πŸ˜• I think because people can't see our pain they don't understand if you have a broken leg arm etc or you have the flu or some other illness they can understand how you feel but when it's all in your mind and they haven't been thought it they just don't get it 😞 I'm going to doctors tomorrow I need him to give me something other than propanolol because it's not working love to you all ❀️❀️❀️

Your exactly same type of person as me as I get tablets and read every side effect going which I know is the worst thing ya can do but when your an anxious person u feel anxious about taking anything. I've tried to do it on my own for a year but it's gone too far now. I had propranolol in my house for a year and finally give in a few weeks ago and took one but I was ill the next day. I got headspace and felt like my legs were like lead and couldn't function properly. Some ppl said to carry on taking them as it might of got better but I couldn't carry on feeling like that each day. My head was pounding so I phoned doctor up and he told me to stop taking them. But since I've been back they have given me antidepressants which are also for anxiety too but again I've read side effects and worried sick. Ppl say u feel worse before u feel better but I want a tablet to wrk straight away. I don't want to have to go through utter crap for a few weeks to see if the tablets actually work for me. I can't go on feeling like this tho as Ive got a family holiday booked in may and need to feel happy again and want to feel normal xxx

Hun we are the same I feel exactly the same when it comes to taking medication doctor gave me propanalol last Wednesday only 10mg to take 3 times a day but I read the information leaflet and thought it don't say anything about anxiety!! I did take 3 that first day but like you felt strange on it but weather that was the tablets or me worrying and making my self think it's the tablets I just don't know πŸ˜” But I feel I need antidepressants he did say citalopram if the propanolol don't work he said citalopram helps with depression and anxiety so that's what I want tomorrow off him like you I can't go on like this we have holiday booked in June how I feel I won't be going 😞 We need to sort this don't we it's good to talk to others who are going through the same thing 😘 Xx

Ah! It's so good to know others feel the same. It's like a big dark hole that takes forever to crawl out of, then just as you see some light Bam! you're back in the dark hole.

Nothing helps. A nice bath, wash hair, do nails, tan, watch something funny. Nothing works 🌺

I know Hun iv tried all of that and don't you just hate it when people who don't understand and when I say people I mean some family and friends when they say pull yourself together what you got to be stressed and worried about 😑 Go for a walk go do yoga etc etc I really feel like telling them to sod off what do they know xx

They think that just because you look ok that everything is fine. When inside you're falling apart and going mad.

Or they say 'Look just do what I do, deal with the situation and move on'....Yeah right, if only it were that simple.

Or 'just Look at how lucky you are'.....oh yeah I'm really lucky. I'm going out of my mind here πŸ˜₯

Yep Hun so true πŸ˜’ Why do people feel the need to say all that to us 😑 X

Do yous get the muscle tension to the point it hurts and a choking sensation when yous are having an anxiety attack? I keep checking my throat cos I worry that it's gonna close up so that makes me panic even more! I'm getting cbt over the phone at the minute but it's useless. They tell u to do breathing techniques but when I have a panic attack none of that breathing exercises wrk. I have to go and sit downstairs in the kitchen/dining room with a glass of water and the lights on to try calm myself down. I can't remember the last time I had a good nites sleep! I can't even have a nite out as drink makes me feel more anxious. I used to love a good nite out aswell and my friends can't believe how I've went from a happy go lucky kind of girl to this! Xx

Hun the only tension I get is in my head when I'm anxious I grind my teeth my head feels like it's been squeezed then I think my head feels like this due to a brain tumour or somethings and all my symptoms are due to having one!! Then I get in a panic then have an attack 😣 I used to get the choking feeling a lot but not so much this time the nights are the worst like you I go into the kitchen drink loads of water , open windows, splash my face with water nothing works when I'm in that zone as for breathing exercises ha yeah like you can breath when your right in the middle of a bad anxiety attack πŸ˜” Iv also since keeping a diary have noticed my anxiety is worse leading up to my period like 10/14 days before it starts getting worse leading up to the day 😣

And also like you I was a happy go lucky girl loved going out but not now and loved a drink and felt fab while I was drunk but when the hangover kicked in and a hangover with anxiety is a no no not worth it at all .. Hope we all start feeling better soon because living like this is horrible wouldn't wish it on anyone but does help to talk to others that understand 😘 Xxx

You are just like me.

I open windows, splash cold water on my face.

I've even put on a thick coat and gone and sat outside in the freezing cold, dark garden. Put my earphones on and listened to something on my iPhone.

I have started a journal, writing down worries and what has come of those worries. Plus, how I've felt that day. I no longer drink, it's not worth the feelings I suffer from the following day.

I get chest pains, sweaty and short of breath to πŸ’

Yep Hun Iv been sat in the garden at night in the rain trying to calm myself down it's horrible it's like what the hell in I doing but you'll try anything to get out of that panic for me this week I'm scared of been alone I don't want to be in this house with my 18mth old alone I fear I will have a panic attack and if I faint he will come to harm as there's no one to look after him 😟 Why we think these mad thoughts I do not know πŸ˜” X

Ah Hun!

Your sane mind will tell you not to be silly and everything will be fine. But that insane mind (sat on your shoulder all the time) will tell you disaster is looming.

It's so bloody hard. But you will be fine. I've started trying to deep breath through it and and remember I've been here before. It doesn't always work, but sometimes it does. Try that! And remember you are a good mummy, you will come out the other side and you'll be fine.

Big hugsπŸ€—

Thanks Hun good advise and yes I am a good mommy I just need to remind myself of that #positvethinking

Love and hugs to you all 😘

Hi πŸ€— Iv not checked my blood pressure but when doctor has done it it's been fine x

Omg I've been dealing with the same thing and I'm so affraid I have every syptom that I google...

Hi Whatnext, with extreme stress, even on blood pressure meds, my b/p goes into 3 digit readings both top and bottom numbers.

I have reduced my stress 50% just by loosening the tightness in scalp, neck mussles and face muscles (inner eye area, nose, jaws etc.). I take sesame oil because my body nature is ' Vata' (gaseous). With oil on finger, I work on each minute point. I make circular movement (clockwise and anti clock wise) by fingers and when I feel sensation or slight pain at a point, I work 30 seconds to 1 minute. Point message should create pressure slightly deep (not much deep but not so shallow that only skin is impacted). Neck muscles contain much stress which is not visible. See videos on youtube. For brain nutrition is very important. Magnesium, selenium, omega 3, vitamin B12, few amino acids, water etc.

Thank you for your advice Hun today has been so bad I hate feeling like this x

Contact Doctor also. No need to worry if s/he gives anti depressans. Many safe tablets are there which have more benefit than the loss you are suffering from. Later on, slowly-slowly dose is reduced. Or if case is severe, no problem if medicine goes life long. Controlled medicine (less dose) with good diet, yoga, accupressure, message, positive thought and excercise are the best options to win over stress.

H Hun, I'm sorry you're having a bad day.

I've started trying to acknowledge my fear and anxiety is there, sometimes saying "yes thank you very much, I know you're there".

On the recommendation of someone else I'm going to start trying to allow the feelings to just be there. Accept they are and let them be, without judging or trying to search out a reason why I feel so bad. I'll let you know how that goes

Just remember everything good in your life and tell yourself you CAN and WILL come out the other side. Sometimes you just have to ride the storm, even though it's bloody hard. When you're in it, it's hard to get out. It takes over everything and I wonder if the body is just so used to feeling like it that it automatically walks the same anxiety route. I know exactly how you're feeling, I've had an awful week, fighting constantly and feeling like I'm losing my mind.

I hope your feeling a little better this evening? πŸ’

Hi Hun aww sorry you've had an awful week to 😞 You've give me some good advice there advice I will be trying as you will try anything when you feel this way it's the dark thoughts the over thinking the I'm loosing my mind it's scary stuff let's hope we all see the light of this anxiety tunnel real soon hugs 😘 Xxx

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