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I'm tired

My anxiety seems to be at its peak during the night time. Some days are easier than others, unfortunately tonight is one of those nights where for some reason my anxiety is controlling my mind. I'm sleepy and tired but can't seem to fall asleep without thinking of every breath I take and feeling like I'm struggling to breathe, it's just anxiety I know. But I in moments and times like these I lack confidence and motivation to get through it :( at least now I know I'm not gonna die, even though it feels like it. Typing out my thoughts on here is actually relaxing and help me get my negative thoughts out of my head. This community has been truly a blessing in helping me overcome this, I've come along way, and I'm happy to say that. Thank you to everyone for all of your helpful advice :)

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I feel ya as I'm still awake at 3:55am its so hard sometimes just to let go of the anxious thoughts and the negative thoughts just want myself back before all this anxiety stuff lol but your welcome!

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