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I'm actually sick and tired now!!!!


If I haven't got a bleed to the brain I got a blood clot travelling to my lung now I think I got pneumonia!! Arghh I just can't help it because all my life in my family it's about people dying!!! My dad has cancer which has spread over he's body!!! Everything around me is so negative I really can't pick myself up and feel positive :( I'm so sad this feeling is never going to go away no matter what

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I'M so sorry honey, I wish there was smthng I could do 2 put ur mind at ease! I'LL pray 4 u, Prayers up 👆👆

Hey chic if u need me u have my number xx

I no the feeling it can only get better if you want it to. Life is just what it is life so you have to try everyday to find happiness. I have these same problems an I'm working on them everyday it messed my life up for a year now an everyday is a battle but you must keep fighting.

I'm so sorry about your dad but you have got to try an be positive dear I agree with help help. Anxiety will suck u dry if you allow it you have got to want control over your life your so young embrace your youth and don't let anxiety destroy it. Keep your head up kaayla

I am so sorry ... boy, have I been and still find myself on occasion IN THE SAME PLACE.

I am so sorry ... I have been in the same place many times. When I was little I lived with my grandparents because my mom was very sick. My grandma, bless her heart, was always crying and carrying on about someone in the family dying. Every day there would be another person dying. She didn't know how much all that talk scared me. She wasn't always wrong but sometimes she was. Without realizing it she sure scared the dickens out of a little girl - me. And I have carried that fear with me ever since. As an adult I know better; many people GET BETTER! Not everyone DIES. People come home from hospitals and they are BETTER. Medical science has come a very long way ... and there are miracles every single day. Yet my anxiety and fear of dying is still with me. All I can do is encourage you to think positive, get away from the negativity as much as you can. Be supportive of those in need but take care of you first. Be strong for you! I try to trust in God and myself...I talk to my guardian angel (there must be guardian angels right?)...I release tension any way that I can. Movement, activity, listening to music or tapes, dancing all by myself or with the cat ... whatever lets me MOVE. It really helps a lot. And keep posting. Everyone here know what you are going through and most importantly UNDERSTANDS.

I I feel for you because that is just how i feel. Also if someone has some kind of illness then i always think i have it too. Its like a disease and we should not have to live in this disease. I think we need new heads. Hope we can fight this problem together

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It's so horrible Emma I hate living like this 😩

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