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Strange attacks when I'm tired?


Since 2014/2015 I have been experiencing something really weird happening to my body. Before, it would happen during day and night but now it's only happening during night time cause I'm tired. It's so difficult to explain it but I'm so scared cause I dont know whats happening to my body. I'm only 17 and I never had any problems like that before. So what happens is that when my body or brain knows that I'm tired or when I go to bed and fall asleep, immediately as i fall asleep I wake up again to a feeling of my brain being frozen, biting my tongue, not being able to speak at all, losing my breath and my hands squeezing whatever is near. It's scaring me so much to the point I've cried about it cause I feel so strange. I don't know if it could be related to anxiety but I do know that at the time when I started to get them I was very busy with school and I would stay up late to finish projects and stuff. It did stress me out a lot but I dont know if it could be related to that. I just wanna know if anyone knows anything about this or similar things I guess. I've been searching everywhere but I have not been able to find anything. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi darling x have you been to see the doctor and spoke to him about it x

Hi maoaaam

Sounds like our good old friend an anxiety attack,

The moment you fall asleep you get kicked out if it, sweating ?

Fast breathing ? Muscles tense ?

It's all the joys of our unwanted friend,

Obviously go to your doctor, explain explicitly your symptoms and he / she will know a course of action.

Sometimes short term drugs to calm you down, sometimes finding the cause,

You'll get there, easy to say but DONT WORRY, you are not going to die. :-)

I had this for about 3 weeks and it passed.

All the best.

Hi...the body/brain are fascinating, when you lie down and try to go to sleep, when your brain goes from that conscious state to sleep state, that little inbetween bit where it 3, 2, 1 shuts down, the body reacts a lot of the time when stressed/anxious with a jolt, can be minor to huge ( I know I have jumped out of bed at times, ran to the top of the stairs, I am semi awake/semi asleep so sometimes I cry out, move my arms around as I'm trying to fully be aware and in control of what I'm doing) years ago this use to scare me but what I do now and have for years is when it happens, I obviously still do same reactions etc but I say to myself positively "great this means sleep is near I am actually going to go to sleep tonight" and view it as my little sign of sleep, so I don't fear it no more even when it does happen, I just see it as an uncontrollable pain in the ass but a positive one. Try writing down anything that's on your mind just before sleep this helps a lot to off load the brain give it some space. Anxiety/stress/mental illness can produce some weird/bizarre symptoms. Do chat with your doctor though. Take care D

Agora1 in reply to Deecey

Thanks for sharing Deecey. Years ago at the beginning of my anxiety it would happen to me just when falling asleep, I would jump out of bed in a bolt, felt like I couldn't breathe, run down the steps to the door and put my head on the outside door. My chest muscles would then open up and I could breathe again as well as go back to sleep. It happened many times to me but I never told anyone about it. I'm glad to see someone else experienced this. Now of course I understand more about anxiety and it's need for control. You made my day, I thought on this one thing, I was alone. I guess we're never alone on what we experience with anxiety.

Take care Deecey, hope you are well.

Deecey in reply to Agora1

Thankyou...Making someone's day now that will go into my gratitude journal tonight, 3 things every day! I can do the jolt thing even when I'm relaxing on the sofa my grown up kids think its hilarious which is very apt when it happens, I also have a syndrome called "Alice in Wonderland syndrome" which I've had since childhood, its a distortion of the size of things that you see, my kids think its funny that I can look at someone and their heads go really small, anyway I did not know this till my late 30's when I for the first ever time mentioned it to someone, thought if I had of done earlier or as a kid I'd of been classed as weird. Just shows how weird and wonderful we all are really, in a very positive way, there will be folk out there who wouldn't reveal what symptoms they experience but I bet you what they will certainly not be alone. I live with GAD but I'm one of the lucky ones that I've had it since a kid and so I don't fear it now and I have never stopped educating, learning, challenging myself so it is a very small part of my day most of the time, yes we all have setbacks but I see them as a blessing to rethink/educate myself, I'm almost always being to hard on myself. Anyway waffling sorry. Take care D

maoaaam in reply to Deecey

hi! thank you so much for replying, i forgot to mention a few things though. before i get the "attack" i can feel it coming like 5 seconds before it happens. it also started happening after i stopped biting my nails. it also happens right after when i wake up in the morning. and i lose control of everything i cant even do any grimaces with my face. im completely frozen and my hands are clenched tightly as well as my teeth biting my tongue. after the attack my mouth is very wet and im not able to speak properly for 5-10 seconds. my brain also feels very freed after the attack as if something was clenching it during the attack.

Agora1 in reply to maoaaam

Hi Maoaaam, did you know that it is possible for you to either stop the attack from taking full control or at least lower the intensity by using that 5 second warning that it's going to happen? By practicing relaxation/meditation as well as deep breathing twice a day morning and night, you can condition your body to respond to these unwanted feelings before it happens. It takes practice, practice, practice so that your response is there immediately to warrant off the attack. As for the morning anxiety (which I have gotten as well) is a little harder to get rid of. Only because the adrenaline is higher in the morning starting about 4am it builds getting us ready for a new day. Because of our anxiety, we don't really need that extra adrenaline. What I use is my relaxation tape and start deep breathing first thing when I wake up while still in bed. It calms my mind and body and reduces the adrenaline rush. I would sleep with my hands clenched all night so that when I woke up, my hands were asleep and numb and my arms ached from the tense muscles. Of course never just assume all your symptoms are from anxiety unless you have first seen your doctor. I wish you well. x

Hi Maoaam, it sounds like laryngospasms, you are not alone. You should look it up, any everybody may experience it different. It is scary. I hope you see a doctor real soon, and get better real soon.

Sounds like anxiety. I would see your doc and have him prescribe something. I haven't had as severe symptoms.. but I do , when falling asleep, suddenly "jolt" awake. It's unsettling. and exhausting because it makes it ..well hard to sleep. Xanax helped me.

Well the experience I get when I finally try to relax or fall asleep, I get a wave of adrenaline that rush through my brain as if I'm about to sink or fall out so I jeek or jump up and I'm nervous. I found out that when or the more fatigued or tired your mind is the more these things can happen to you.

All anxiety and panic symptoms I've had for over 50 years on and off it gives u unbelievable but real physical symptoms it will get better I promise u 🌻🌻🌻

update: i went to a professional neurologist, and after he saw my seizure, we took a blood test, a urinary test, and an mri, we found out that i have got epilepsy. im on pills now though and he said it should disappear in about 2 weeks. im gonna have to use them for either 6 months or a year. i've been on the pills for 4 days and i have not had any attacks. im so grateful and blessed. i wanted to update everyone just in case this could help somebody else who may be experiencing similar attacks. thank you guys so much for your help!!!!! :) :)

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