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Physical symptoms

How do you guys deal with physocal symptoms of anxiety? Because right now that is my biggest setback. Amd what confuses me is that I feel like poop all the time even when I don't feel anxious. But doctors say "anxiety". It is frustrating because sometimes I don't even feel anxious. Fatigue all the time. Stomach issues/acid reflux. Bloating. Short of breath. This follows me all day and idk how to move past this. I even had to reject an offer to a program for college because it would start next week and I am not physically ready. This sucks

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I'm going through the same thing! Random symptoms with no explanation at all, most of the time with really bad anxiety and sometimes without. All my tests came out normal, still waiting on blood work results. Could be a vitamin deficiency or thyroid issue, maybe a hormonal imbalance since I have very irregular periods.

I don't know if these symptoms trigger my anxiety or they ARE the anxiety. I'm frustrated because I want to work already but these symptoms are very unpredictable and unbearable sometimes.

Today I'm good but tomorrow I could spend the whole day day freaking out because I think I'm dying from a rare life threatening disease.


Agh well i am insufficient in vitamin d but I take my vitamin everyday. I am just so sick of this I feel like I can't live my best quality of life


Hello K---7. Sorry to hear that you are having these issues. Those symptoms could certainly be caused by anxiety. I am assuming that the doctors have checked you out for physical issues and not found anything amiss. Fatigue, stomach issues, shortness of breath are all common anxiety symptoms. I have stomach issues; a lot of the time, I can't eat, and have lost 20 pounds in the past few months. My stomach feels tense and upset and I also get some bloating. Shortness of breath often occurs because when we are anxious we are breathing in a shallow way. Try taking deep, calming breaths. Regarding the stomach issues, try eating small amounts of nutritious food more often. The fatigue may be alleviated if you get some mild exercise on a regular basis. All the best and hope it improves soon.


I get the stomach issues from anxiety even though I eat very well so I know it's not my diet :)

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