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Will my physical symptoms ever subside?

Had chest pains at some point everyday now for over a year. Had the heart monitors fitted & ecg all ok. Had a discomfort left side of my throat since September doc said it's anxiety might have to have camera down to check. It feels like the outside of my throat left side of Adams apple. It feels swollen but doesn't look swollen & sometimes it seems to give me an ache up towards my temple. Feeling down & worried loosing sleep thinking the worst as usual. Fed up.

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Hi Cherub,

It's awful isn't it,worrying makes it worse I know,you get so sick and tired of these symptoms,deep down you know everthing is ok,after all the tests come back showing nothing,but you still can't help worrying.

Chin up xxx


Yes your right I'm trying to be positive but it's so hard. Thanks for replying take care. X .


Hi Cherub, it does get everyone down when these feelings don't go away. Have you got anything you can do to take your mind of these feelings?

Try getting moving a little I find it helps with the pains, I sit so tensed up that I get all sorts of pains. Also try some relaxation CDs etc. they do help me xx


I find I suffer more when I'm doing less your absolutely right thanks for replying to me.



I can totally relate to your chest pain as I get it a lot, but I've learned that it's really not going to hurt me and that I can live with it. It does get better with time.



Hi Ashley

I seem to get the chest pain more when I'm resting not exerting myself so that's a good sign I suppose. When i get the old tikker racing it seems ok. I don't get out of breath but when it's niggling away I just can't help but think is there something wrong with my heart am I going to wake up in the morning or not. Thanks for replying to me.



It sounds like HA & when we suffer with it we seem to focus on one fear or maybe two or even more !

You have had all the tests done & they are all clear & must say well done having them done , I have HA & am to afraid to have things done !

But anxiety does give us physical symptoms & I get that pain in my throat , the left hand side & it feels like I could be getting an infection even though its not one

We have muscles in the throat as well as all over our bodies & as we tense sometimes without even realizing we are , it causes pain

I know it isn't easy but if you can try & give these symptoms your anxiety is causing less attention they will start to fade

Trust your GP after all the tests they have done it would be more than their job was worth to say you were fine if you wasn't !

Hope you are feeling better now :-)





Thank you for replying to me whywhy I do feel a bit better now take care xx


Hello cherub how are you doing now? I see you were going through a rough time as I'm at that point now with the chest pains tightness and my heart does all these not so wonderful things and the discomfort in the left side of my throat along with a whole mess of other symptoms. I just want to feel normal :(


Hi pink

I'm still suffering with physical symptoms chest pain, tingling in right arm, pain in rh calf muscle & my throat still feels like there is something there. I've had a camera down nothing there I'm having an ultrasound soon to check further.

I'm sorry you're suffering i really do sympathise i wish there was a button to just switch it all off so i can be normal again.

Take care xx


Thank cherub for replying back to me. Sorry to hear that your not really doing any better. I can help but sit here and feel sorry for myself and all I keep thinking I can't wait for the day when I finally feel better. It's sad that we live feeling this way. Someone once asked me how I've been doing and my response to them was oh surviving and they responded with you should be living not surviving. It was then that I realized I don't have to live this way for the rest of my life. I just gotta do something that's going to either minimize all these horrible symptoms significantly or even better all together but that may be wishful thinking so I will settle for significantly. Hope your alright.


Im determined to get bettet I have improved some but not much. When things are starting to improve something happens to knock me back down again mainly family problems now. My answer when somebody asks if I'm ok is always "im not to bad" because I'm never anything like what i used to be. I like that response & it's right we should be living hopefully happiness will return one day & the worries will fade.

All the best to you take care.


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