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I feel like something serious is going on in my head, since Monday afternoon I've had a headache it feels like a tightness on top of my head, it was only really the right side and it affected my temple, ear, jaw, neck and eye. I have anxiety, ibs, reflux and I'm being seen about jaw problems ( right side) I wear a mouth guard at night. I have had tired, itchy, sore eyes as well thought it was hay fever but not a sufferer, today is Friday and yesterday the headache/ pains went off but today i have been having tingling/ numbness/ tightness / itchy feelings in cheeks, lips, top of head and hands, I have stopped taking amitripyline within the last month which I take for ibs, I have not suffered with anxiety for a few months, but recently a few things have happened, my teenage son was attacked which resulted in him being in a cast, the police got involved he has since broke a finger in a accident at school, I could lose my job at Christmas, our cookers just been replaced after a week of being broken, I'm taking my 2 lads ( 13&15) to London in the morning to a football game which I'm a bit apprehensive about, my youngest is having 2 teeth out Monday and I have my driving test next week too. I have just woken up feeling sick/ dizzy and panicky and my tummy is really gurgling, I'm so worried about my head thinking maybe a Tumor or bleed but I'm also hoping if it was something like that I'd be quite poorly by now.

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Having had a bleed inside my brain , i can tell you that your symptoms do not match what mine were.I only had very severe pain all over my head..it is unlikely also because i became very ill quickly.

Hope this helps

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Thank you


I’ve had this tight feeling in my head for 3 days now, there isn’t pain but just a tight feeling :(


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