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Hi want to see if anybody can help ? I lost my dad 3 months ago & since then I’ve not been right .I had palpitations & dizziness for a few weeks got rid of them after being put on meds .Then had a really stressful time at work got signed off ,but am now having muscle spasms in my legs & shakiness inside feeling sick & also foggy head & jerkiness at night ! I sound like a hypochondriac but not imagining these symptoms.Just wondered if anyone out there has had similar symptoms.

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I have the exact same. And have for years. I'm sorry 😐

Im sorry to hear that anxiouslisa 😪so you get the feelings at night to ? And the twitching muscles ?

Yes and a lot of muscle tension

Hi G star - the shock of losing someone you love may play havoc with your mood eating and sleep. As you were given a prescription, some meds do have side effects. You can look the drug up on where they have blogs and reviews of products. The Uk has the yellowcard gov scheme which gives a drug profile analysis with no need to type in personal details to bring up an alphabetical drug list with a graph was to side effects of drugs.

You are not a hypochondriac - just adjusting to your loss. Muscle spasms can be helped by magnesium carbonate, or eating a banana which contains potassium and magnesium.

My guess is the drug may be affecting you or may be interacting with a food you are eating. Guess it will help to look the drug but if you don't like looking up stuff, you could write down the drug and will give feedback.

Gstar1961 in reply to hawii60

Thank you for your kind words hawii60 .I finished the drugs over a month ago i should have said .Thanks for the advice on magnesium carbonate & bananas .Where would i get the magnesium from ?

hawii60 in reply to Gstar1961

If you live in the UK you can get magnesium carbonate in the Uk from an indigestion tablet with calcium and magnesium. over the counter. You could ask your chemist where you live for it as a remedy. I find if I have restless legs with muscle cramp and spasm a banana and a drink of tonic water settles it down. Tonic water contains quinine which is prescribed for muscle twitches and is in a drink which may help. Other dietary deficiencies may influence this problem. I started drinking coconut milk with D2 added and I had muscle problems until I replaced it with lactose free cows milk. If you have vitamin d, iron, minerals such as zinc, potassium and low vitamin c in the diet, the zinc and vitamin C may help muscles. Other minerals such as manganese and copper, and zin may be found in dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate. Trying cocoa with hot milk before you go to sleep may help your sleep. Cows milk contains opioids, so the old wives tale of hot milk has some truth in it.

When in doubt ask for vitamin and mineral level tests as iron vitamin d and K can affect your metabolism. B12 and the B group are especially important. Other problems such as kidney problems might be related, so you may need tests for urine and other tests recommended by your doctor. Can understand your feelings and hope you will feel better.

Sorry for your loss, I lost my dad many years ago, I still miss him, I went to therapy. It took 17 year's to go to his grave. Don't let anyone tell you how you should grieve or how long. You deal with it your way.

Sorry for your loss too. I did therapy to for the grief. The stages of grief may be there initially, not in any order. This stage is like a longing for her to return. Selfish reason too, the family would, I know turn to her, then I could have a rest Lol.

Feel whatever you feel if it's going to Help you get through this. It's ok to feel selfish, I'm sure that's Not who you are normally. I hope people around you are supporting you and what you need?

Hi there, I am sorry to hear your news about your Dad! I think the feelings you have are perfectly normal. As time goes on it will get better. Good luck!

I am sorry for your lose. I have the same feeling too. Try to calm yourself. Go out somewhere that makes you calm. Be strong. I am sure you calm yourself and get back to your previous life style.

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